Saturday, January 1

Cheers to 2011

my dad
short sleeves
3 degrees outside

We opened a party bag every hour.
Balloons, fireworks, candy.....

a new game to add to my list:
Wits & Wagers.
The closest I'll ever get to gambling. :)

Example #253 of how patient Wyatt is:
I was getting him ready for bed
and it wasn't until I had a hard time jamming
his leg into the pj's that I realized
they were ELLA's pj's!
Apparently, I was ready for sleep at 9.
But Wyatt just laughed. As usual.

you can see Mia's hair blur

How do you pass all those hours along
with kids until midnite?
Take slow motion video and watch it back on TV.

cousin Taylor & Mia

some random people

And New Year's Day!
A beautiful day at Daybreak, Utah.
We went sledding and froze our behineys off.
It was good.

the Hunk & I take a cruise down the hill

Hunk taking video

Daybreak is SO picturesque!

And now for the Christmas cleanup.
How is it that cleaning up actually creates
MORE chaos?
And it has spread to every single room of the house?!
Maybe I should hide money/chocolate
amongst the mess. Yes, I think that will do it.
Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Sleading looks so much fun. Mom and I snuggled up and watched Dick Clark's new years eve special in our pj's, it was a good night.

    Here's to a happy and healthy 2011!

  2. London SOO wants to go to the snow. Looks like you had a fun party! We watched half of "Beauty and the Beast" then watched the ball drop on line. Since we're in California, it was only 9:00. Then we went to bed. That was still 2 hours past London's bed time. She didn't believe me when I told her it was midnight -- "it's midnight in New York, not here!" She's way too smart for me.

  3. Wow, that Dad of yours is amazing with the sparkler! He's handsome ta boot.

  4. Wow, those pictures of the snow are absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe your dad was out there in short sleeves. :)

  5. You're so much more fun than me. Maybe I need to adopt your eating regimen...what do you have breakfast each day? I could use the energy and enthusiasm.

  6. Whoa. That pic of Daybreak looks like a postcard or something. Crazy. Wits and Wagers? Great game. Your midnight countdown and slow-recording? GENIUS. I'm so copying ALL your stuff later when I have older kids. You are the BOM DIGGITY.... oh, and I laughed when you realized you were putting Ella's jammies on Wyatt. So hilarious!

  7. Happy New years to you too! Love the snow pictures and the white mountains, they are beautiful. So was it hard to keep the kiddos up, cause I am always in bed by 10pm.

  8. What perfectly beautiful photos. Happy New Year! Many blessings to your and your family in the year ahead.


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