Monday, January 17

little girls in the snow

Meeskii hosted a snowball party
for all her gal friends.

We've been celebrating snow all month long.
And prepping for the party with snowflakes,
fake snow, and making a gob of soap snowballs.

I'm never using the spray snow
again. Annoyingly
messy clean up!

By the way,
that sunset turned into this......

no editing whatsoever
adapted from this cooler version

We made snow candy.
Tasted like caramel!

Indoor snowball fights
and snowball-straw races
kept these girlies busy for just a few minutes.
They really just wanted to be outside.

The party kept goin' til long after
the girls left.
And now all that snow is practically gone.
How long is it again til Spring?
I'm kinda ready.


  1. It's spring here, or maybe summer! It hit almost 90 today and has been in the 80s the last 5 days!

  2. P.S. London would be SO jealous of the snow. She hasn't seen it for 2 years. She resorts to sand angels, and sand in that hair is NOT fun.

  3. We have 3 feet in our yard...springs a long way off for us.

  4. What a fun party! LOVE IT!!!
    ps- I stopped by the wandering wardrobe yesterday! What a fun and charming place! Let's get together soon!
    Love ya

  5. That is Awesome, you are so creative. That sunset was awesome too. - Amy Webb

  6. Looks like a wonderful party, such fun ideas. Love it.

  7. How fun! Your are the nicest mom ever!


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