Wednesday, January 26

pizza week at preschool

I love opening Wyskii's backpack when he comes
off the bus.
There's always such fun art projects inside.
This week is all about pizza.
Isn't that a cute lil' pizza that Miss Britt helped
him make?!
Plus we get free crazy bread from Little Caesar's.
The pizza man came into the class today
and Bugg tried some sauce.
Did you know that I make pizza every Friday night?
It's pizza & a movie night and we LOVE it.
But Buggy never eats the pizza.....that whole texture thing.
So he gets leftovers or soup.
And snuggles up with us during the movie.
Try it this weekend:
pizza + movie night!
it EQUALS.......
family memories and fun.


  1. Pizza popcorn movie nights are a favorite at our house too! :) YAHOO for pizza week!

  2. That's a mighty cute art project. We have pizza picnics with a movie around here quite often, but not quite weekly.


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