Friday, August 27

at 8:41 am

Mia skips off with her friends
to the bus stop at 8:30.
At 8:35 we get ready.
For sunshine.
It creeps, slowly, slooooowly, then.....

laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (with vibrato)!!!!
It blares in our windows
and seeps through our front room
til everything is full of bright happiness.

I lay out the big round cushion
and cover it with the $5 thrift store blanket
that speaks happiness itself.
Pandora provides some excellent happy tunes.

The sun brings not just light & warmth
to our sweet abode
but peace, too.
PEACE from the morning mayhem.
Dishes & laundry wait for us.
They're so patient.
And we play and dance and lay in the sunshine.

Bugg has a new trick!
He does this arch/scootch thing backwards.
He keeps going til his lil' head hits the hard floor.
And he totally loves it.
I'm so proud of him.

That's a flapjack friday face for you.

Look what else he can do!
I don't think he's ever rolled back to front.
Sunshine inspires and motivates him, too.

Have a bright weekend!


  1. Scooting AND rolling?! What an exciting day!

  2. What a big boy! I love it when Katie does something that she thinks is funny. So cute! And I LOVE your thrift store blanket! So cute. Looks just like something my grandmother would make. :)

  3. lovely photos! I loooove mornings and especially when the sun gets inside the house just like that! :)

  4. ~~does a little happy dance in the sunshine in celebration of Bugg learning to roll back to front for the first time~~ :)

    Here's to yellow pacies, flapjack Friday faces, laundry and dishes that can wait and many more sunny family moments!

    Bree, you're the best!!

  5. i enjoy pandora too. what an awesome morning

  6. Happiness abides...thank you for spreading the light.

  7. Yay for sunshine and yay for scooting! Sebastian has a hard time rolling back to front. Way to go Wyatt!


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