Tuesday, August 24

joy in the rain

I'm amazed at all the JOY
that life has to offer.
In the seemingly stressful moments even.
Which is why I almost always have my camera.

I am so glad that I had my Nikon
with me on this day.
This crazy, hectic day.
Sometimes, moments are best enjoyed without
the stress of taking pictures.
But most times,
I take pictures to remember the simple moments,
and the celebrations,
shared with my family.

And then I can look back on them,
like right now,
and just smile.
It really was a frazzling day, though!

Wyatt had therapy at Shriner's.
Which is a good hour drive for us.
One of our most favorite places in the world, though.
I took all 3 children.
Seems easy enough, eh?
NO, it is indeed NOT.

I love Cindy, the physical therapist.
She always has great ideas to try with Wyatt.
I was focusing on how to do therapies,
and keep track of my toddler,
and keep Mia entertained at the same time.
The sweat factor was rising.

But I actually really wanted them all with me.
I think it is just SO COOL to experience Shriner's hospital.
Wyatt laughs his head off when we're there, for one.
Perhaps he is flirting with Cindy.
Or he knows he is in a safe place, close to heaven.
Or maybe he just likes working his tail off,
stretching, sitting, standing.
And I love that my girls get to see the
amazing opportunities available
to those with handicaps.

This gorgeous gal may have wandered
off toward the wheelchair shop
without asking me first.
But it is so crazy cool that I have a walker!
Sometimes I still do a double-take.
Babies walk?! Wow.

Super highlight:
these wrist supports!
Where have these been the past 3 years?!!!
Wyatt's hand-biting is terrible.
He just rips the tar out of them!
Which is why he is always wearing an arm brace.
But that can be really restricting.
Another reason why we love Shriner's.
Those geniuses.

And he can still get to his comfort fingers.
Oh, yes, he gnaws at his hands still,
but at least they're protected.

Shriner's has a huge, amazing playroom.
Full of children in wheelchairs, leg braces,
and those recovering from surgeries.
My Bugg, he feels at home.

And then we walked right outside
and had a lovely picnic.
Doesn't it look perfect?
But actually, we were all starving,
I was tired from constantly
keeping track of my 3,
I had a ton of stuff to haul around.
But seeing this scene just filled me with joy......

They are the reason I find so much joy
in these crazy days.
And then......
after we'd taken 3 bites,
it started sprinkling.
Mia said, "Mom, I think we should get in the car now."
I said to wait just a bit and see what happened.
And then.....
Ella just sat there, crying, with messy jam sandwiches in both her hands.
Wyatt laughed.
And I wanted to run in the rain.
Alas, I scooped up the baby, hauled Wyatt back up the hill,
and left our pretty picnic to the rain.
And then......
2 sweet teenagers pulled up with their mom
and helped me load up our soggy clan.
It was glorious.
We got in the car and laughed some more,
then decided to go to another piece of heaven
just down the way.

Hello, land of all the bakery wonder.
That's a chocolate porcupine.

Pour Bugg.
He was so tired and WET from the rain.
But he managed to sleep for 3 minutes
before tasting the most wondrous yogurt with berries eVER.
Be mine.

Gol', that was a great day.


  1. Yay for wrist supports! I'm so happy that he doesn't have to wear arm braces anymore!

  2. You are amazing! I love that even in the chaos of life, you can find the joy. :) That's what this life is all about!

  3. I really need to experience Schriner's. Why have we not been there? I noticed Wyatt's new hand braces the other day! How great!

  4. Wow, Shriners has a super cool playroom! We haven't been up there yet. My home care so far has provided everything he needs. It looks fantastic!

  5. I love his new hand braces, so he doesn't have to wear the arm braces. The Shriner's playroom looks AWESOME! So big and open and fun! :)

  6. Those new hand wraps look awesome!!! Sometimes when life is just too much for me I've found that looking through a lens makes the difference. When my kids do something awful I take a picture, sigh, and deal with it. Then later I look back at it and remember the things I can love about their disasters. That's why i have so many thousand pictures, LOL. :)

  7. oh, and I got to go to Gourmandise once... HEAVEN!!! That place is scrumptious! Gotta get back there someday.

  8. Ok, I think we need to look into those hand braces. Love that. And I love your pictures. What camera do you have? I'm in the hunt for a good one myself to capture Sammy and Callie moments.:)

  9. I stumbled upon your blog and am so glad I did! My little man also has the same diagnoses: SOD, CVI, ACC, nonverbal, wheelchair, glasses, etc. It's nice to see another kiddo like mine who is just as adorable!

  10. Way to find joy in the midst of the craziness!! Love you!

  11. Hey, why don't I know about this Bakery? We are up by Shriners all the time visiting the cemetery. Charlotte's headstone is right in the corner there by the hospital. Would love to grab a chocolate porcupine next time I go up and visit.

  12. We go there for therapy as well. We have been slacking the last few months. I think it is time to snap back into the swing of real life and get going. Great photos.


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