Sunday, August 22

the twitterpated equation

my Hunk + me - our dear children + Bear Lake ===

the perfect anniversary vacation

With our babies happily
tucked away at G & G's
(thank you a zillion times, Mom n' Dad!),
Brian & I giddily made the drive to our
piece of heaven:
the Garden City at Bear Lake.

Last summer, we were having a baby or something.
So it's been a couple years.
Bear Lake welcomed us with
the bluest skies, the sparkliest water,
and lots of fresh raspberry-ness.
This is the perfect get-away for us
because there's lots to do if we want,
or it can be just beautiful and relaxing.

Every detail was right in place.
The Garden City is full of unique
nooks & crannies.
Our condo was awesome.
The food was YUM.
I love all the cute shops
and houses and roadside raspberry stands.

The melodrama was fantastic!

Dark cave + 888 stairs ===
lots of hand-holding and making out!

me + him + the beach ====
100 percent bliss

Good golly',
I love this hunk of mine.
And we love our children, really,
but wow, is it good to get away.
Not JUST to get away from demanding
little people pulling at my skirt,
but to be with my lover only.
Man, we have fun together.



  1. Great post, Breeze! Thanks for the super-hot date weekend! Ich hab dich lieb immer!

  2. What a fantastic weekend with no kido's! Jealous of all those pics!

  3. glad you had such a good time.

  4. What fun! I love all the pictures. The cave looks awesome!

  5. Oh Bree, these are such sickeningly fantastic pictures as usual, you have a gift!!!!!!!!

    The shadow kiss is my favorite!

  6. Wow, looks like you had a fantastic get away! I'm sooooo jealous! But you deserved it big time!

  7. Hey we were at Bear Lake this weekend too! That would have been so fun if we had bumped into each other :) Sadly my trip just made me miss my hubby even more, but you look like you had a fantastic time! You deserve it!!! Great pictures btw!

  8. That looks like a blast! I've actually never been to Bear Lake, it looks awesome!

  9. You have an eye for detail and an amazingly creative capacity for expressing the cutest, sweetest, most adorable picture stories about
    life and love and family.

    Happy ♥ Anniversary

  10. Wow, girl, do you do it up right at Bear Lake! Your pix are always FAB and make me insanely jealous of your creative genius skills and fancy camera! We were there last weekend too and I kept thinking of you guys and glad you were able to enjoy that PERFECT weather! Hope getting back to reality isn't too tough ;)

  11. Love the pictures and the secret language between you two. Great times and memories. Happy 8 years!

  12. That is awesome you still find time for the two of you. Congrat on 8 years and 100+ more.


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