Wednesday, August 4


I love being home.
The sights, the sounds.....

Most definitely
You know when you've been away on vacation and you finally walk in the door to your home?
It's just like, "aaaaaahhh, I'm home."
The warm & comfy & safe feeling that all is well.
I also get that HOME feeling when I
walk into a bakery, go on a family picnic, talk to old friends on the phone,
see the morning sun come streaming into my front room, visit my parent's,
watch a movie & eat pizza on Friday nights,
read Little Women in the papasan chair, scroll through my blog, swing at the park with my babes,
go to family parties at my parent-in-laws, have a nice long tight hug with my husband which
often turns into a slow dance, sip chicken noodle soup on a crisp evening, cozy up with a newborn,
watch the sunset, try on the perfect skirt in a dressing room in some 2nd-hand store and know that it will soon be hanging in my closet, visit the temple, read stories with my children on our bed, and flip pancakes for my sweet bedhead darlings.
I got to experience a new HOME feeling.
I am so lucky. So blessed. So happy to have shared some time (twice!)
with some mamas & their children that celebrate a special life, too.

Caleb and his mama, April~ Heidi~ Becky~ Bugg~me

I have only met these dear mamas through their blogs.
But I felt I was HOME the instant I joined them in April's house.
Love was abundant as we joined in hugs and chatting and shared our children.

Sweet, sweet Becky. A beautiful mama, indeed. Becky loved my boy.
Scooped him up and put him in her lap as we all visited.
And I'm thinkin' he loved her, too, by the way he fell asleep on her.
Becky's special Ben passed away in May.
How difficult it must be to carry on after such a loss!
But here she is, traveling across the US with her daughter, Stevie,
to give Ben's van to Heidi & Junior.
Becky & Stevie were such gems - always lending a hand here and there,
offering to calm my crying Ella, giving Junior his breathing treatments,
playing with & holding kids.

Stevie with Ava & Chloe

Thank you, April, for the picture.

Junior is able to have a wheelchair accessible van!
His mama, Heidi, is a sweetheart.
She was so attentive and patient with Junior.
It makes my heart feel warm & fuzzy to see such devotion
to this extraordinary & unique young man.

And April. Oh, April, you beloved friend.
She opened her heart & home to all of us.
Light and goodness and wonderfulness gush from her very being.
Isn't her special Caleb the most scrumptious treat
you ever saw?!!!
Those lips look so perfect for smoochin'.
Caleb's wink says "I love you" since he cannot speak.
Does talking really matter when it comes to these children?
My GOODness, their spirits and eyes and smiles
share & teach so much.

A sleepy Hunter and his lovely mama, Emily.
Hunter has a sweet set of camo hot wheels.
He was so easy-going with all the noise of happy playing children
(and my screaming baby - she missed a nap)
and didn't mind when I rubbed his arm.
Hunter reminded me so much of Bugg.
If Ella had been more manageable,
I could have sat on the couch and talked with Emily for hours.

Oh! if only there had been more time to visit! And why didn't I take more pictures?!!
Tara - you stunning mama, you! Chloe just bursts sunlight.
Erin - your story is beautiful, so are you.
Julia - You and your girls are darling. And mobile! Hooray for that!
Thank you to all of you for making me feel at home.
I feel changed.
My heart has experienced some healing
after meeting you and your children.
Being with mamas who "get it."
And seeing mamas who love my handicapped child
so much.
Well, that is just joy, joy, joy.


  1. What beautiful little angels. What fun to be able to talk with other mama's in the same situation as you. I'm glad you've found some other mom's to bond with. I know how much it's needed. I have great friends who love my little Katie, but it gets pretty lonely, because they love me and her, but they don't get it. Not because they don't want to, they just can't until they've walked the same path I have.

  2. Again, I'm so bummed I missed it! Too much going on in my life right now. If she was closer, I probably would have been able to pop in. I had a friend from Cali visiting that day. We'll just need to schedule another one!

  3. We LOVE you! And thank you for taking time to come to us. I am so grateful for all of these sweet ladies. Wish I was closer...I'd come hang out with you often. Kiss sweet Bugg for me! xo

  4. How special! Everyone stories are so touching and heart warming.

  5. Such beautiful angels! All of you!

  6. Oh I am just so happy that you were able to experiance that. I have not been able to be around people to talk with in person who have children with disabilities who "get it" every one I have ever seen with a disability has been a walker by a passer by etc in the doctors office in the hospital but never like you experianced I hope to one day be able to. Our kiddos are such angels.

  7. Looooove it! I read about all those beautiful kiddos. What a magical time that was. :)

  8. Bree,
    You don't know me, but I have come across your blog from April's blog. I have gotten to know Tara and April and hope to get to know more mom's of special needs kiddos. I have a son with special needs who I think would love Bugg. I look forward to maybe getting to know you. If you would like a invite to my blog please give me your email. My email is
    I look forward to getting to know you.

    Love, Chrystal Wagner

  9. Bree, you have an especially lovely way of knowing just what to say and how to capture and express such tender, meaningful and beautiful experiences like the one that all of you Moms and sweet little kids enjoyed. What a wonderful time it was for all of you to be able to meet and share the day together. I am enjoying reading the other Mom's blogs that you had the pleasure of meeting.

  10. What a wonderful experience! I just bet their lives are better for knowing you, too.


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