Tuesday, August 31

weekend discoveries

The Hunk & I hiked the Y
with Mia.

Can you spy the Y?

It was a hard hike.
Meeskii was not a happy hiker.
It was very hot.
We had to ration our water.
And it was steeeeeeeeep.

I was thinking that little boys
probably love hiking the Y.
I got bummed for 1/2 a second.
Wyatt was not with us.
Wyatt will never hike the Y.

And then I thought of him,
happy at home with Auntie KyKy.
And I smiled and was content
with my perfect 'n special boy.
I'm so glad that I am at this place right now.
Earlier in this special journey,
that would have put me in the dumps for weeks.
But now,
I celebrate what makes HIM happy.
It is so much better that way!

We finally made it up there
and it was awesome.
The view, the wind, the 3 of us,
our time together.

And what does one do

Chocolate PB ice cream, baby.
And when we get home.....

I was right.
He was so happy & laughing & just excited.
Bugg showed us his skills.

Look how far he scootched in
just a couple of minutes!
He is so cool.

Another discovery..........

A park with these swings!!!!!!!!!!!!

too bad they don't have seatbelts, though.

This is a giant park with the works!
And since Teddy Bear Day is coming up,
we would like to warmly invite you to a
Teddy Bear Picnic
at this very park.
Please email us if you'd like to come,
all you Utah locals!


  1. What a wonderful weekend! We're totally there for the teddy bear picnic! YAHOO!

  2. You have to hike the Y early in the morning so that you don't get scorched by the sun! That's the only way I can do it. It is a killer for sure. We hiked it with Katie in a backpack two years ago. I want to do it once more before she gets too big. I was sad the other day too that she'll never be able to hike with us. We love hiking, but it's just not Katie friendly. So we have to take turns taking our other girls hiking. We want to come to your teddy bear picnic! I'll email you.

  3. I would love to hear the details on the Teddy Bear's Picnic! What an awesome looking park. :)

  4. Those are fabulous pictures. I wanna come to the Teddy Bear picnic!

  5. Hi! We went "hiking" in Stamford, CT in the "Wheels in the Woods" nature trail with our son Kovy-- and from what I understand, there are several of these accessible (wheelchair/ stroller-- it's a nature path built out of wood, and it's every bit as scenic as the "regular" trails) trails in different locations. If you google 'wheels in the woods', you may be able to find a place near you. Not sure, but worth a shot.

  6. Alternatively, you can google "accessibe nature trails in utah" and see what's nearby...

  7. Hiking the Y is tough, I definitely wouldn't be up for doing that any time soon!

  8. It's open?!?!? I was driving by like once a week there for a while, but never saw it opened. We definitely want to come to the picnic! Let me know when and we'll be there!

  9. I SO want to come. :( what a wonderful weekend with your Hunk and Mia. Love your new perspective. And FANTASTIC pictures. I love viewing the way YOU see things. Thank you.

  10. That must be the park April was just telling me about. Those swings are fab but definitely need some straps!

    I know what you mean about how the hike would have made you sad before, but now it's just a passing thought, a wave a grief for the little boy you thought you'd be raising. But BUGG is happy to be him, and that's what counts. Acceptance is a pretty great blessing.

    Let me know when the teddy bear picnic is. If it's on a day off, I'll be there for sure, even if it's just to see you and that curly haired boy Chloe's crushin on!!! ;)


  11. Can you believe I've been in UT ten years now, graduated from BYU, but have never hiked the Y? I've hiked several other things, but not the Y. I just think I need to hike it someday.

    I love that you can celebrate what makes Bugg happy. It must have been a lot of work to get to that point.

  12. I would LOVE to hear more about the picnic. My kiddo LOVES picnics.

  13. Yes, let us know about the picnic. jendopp@hotmail.com Hopefully we'll be able to make it.

    Yes, I have to admit, when I read your post about W hiking not hiking, I could relate. I wonder if those type of "reacceptance" moments will ever totally disappear. Finding my "new normal" in life is a frequent occurance.

  14. I love the photos of the beautiful view. It's nice that Bugg was happy and content at home so you that didn't have to worry and you could enjoy your time together.

  15. I hiked the Y last year with Mason on my back. I'm a pretty seasoned hiker & I'm used to hiking with him, but that hike was SOOOO hot and miserable I had to admit defeat (not easy for me) & pass the boy off to Scott. And even then I still huffed & puffed to the top! So I feel your pain! I bet it would be much more enjoyable in cooler weather.

    We would LOVE to join your teddy bear picnic if we're near there (where ever there is)!

  16. We'll have to try hiking that with the boys! We want to come to the picnic! You should ask the city that the park is in if they have seatbelts. I know the West Jordan park, you have to go to city hall and purchase your own seatbelt to take with you!

  17. I love looking at your pictures, you have such a talent. Jeff and I have threatened to hike the Y, but always find a reason not to. YEAH for Bugg and his new skills!

  18. We would love to come to the park, but it's alittle far for us! The swings in that park are awesome, Meggie loves to swing, she would have fun with bugg!

  19. Hi Bree, it's Tonia! Thanks so much for sharing your blog with me. I have only read a few of your posts so far and I am already addicted. :) You inspire me.
    Here are a few of my blog posts about my little guy. I went through and picked 3 out so you didn't have to search through my whole blog to find them. :D

  20. wow Bugg's really moving Ashley started that way a few months before she turned 4 and now she goes everywhere on her bum I tried to figure out how she can mop my floors while she does it. I bet Bugg will be mopping your floors too. Enjoy your blog break I took one too last month my hubby and oldest where saying I was on the computer too much so I took a break. Come back when your ready I love your view of the world it's so great. & Bugg too of course.

  21. I imagine that our city doesn't want to be responsible for straps that are left out in the weather that could injure a child. We went there the other day and had a great time with the kids.
    I was thinking of Bugg and noticed the small metal loops where you could use a strap or a belt. I think a strip of heavy duty velcro would work great for those swings. Maybe I'll see you guys tonight!

  22. I love your blog, Bree.


  23. I love your blog too. It makes me happy to see your snipits of life with pictures and few words that say so much. What a gorgeous day.


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