Wednesday, August 25

a post to remember when she's 20

Cheers to our sweet first grader!

But first:
the back to school Mama-Mia Date.
At Target, where else?

Dancing in the dressing room is fun.
Especially on a daughter date.

The girl knows she's got it!

To celebrate Back to School,
we had the neighbors over for donuts
in our driveway.
The kids raced to eat theirs off a string.

And some ate from the driveway floor.
That night, Mia got the royal treatment
for School Year's Eve.
Eating dinner on the red plate,
getting a Father's blessing,
a manicure from mama,
and a bubble bath in our jetted tub.

We popped party poppers before she went to bed.
Happy School Year's Eeeeeeve!

So guess who was more nervous that morning?
ME, I'm sure.
I mean, a whole day away?
Mia picked out her own clothes
and did her own hair.
Like she does every other day.
I stepped down from that job,
like, 3 years ago.
Too much drama.

at the flagpole
Her first week has been going great.
I have loved all the details she has shared.
The bus ride, eating in the cafeteria,
saying 'hi' to the special boy at school in a wheelchair,
meeting new friends, sharing lunches,
emptying backpacks, and the first day butterflies.

You know what I'm excited for?
I know you've all missed my cookie posts, hmmmm?
Afterschool bonding happens over cookies & milk.
It is just SO.
We all sat around the kitchen table,
dippin' and munchin',
and listened to Mia say,
"I love school. It is probably the best
thing that has ever happened to me."
I said, "You should write about it in your journal."
She said,
"Mom, I'll remember it even when I'm 20."
Love her.
I wrote it down in her journal.

So now we find ourselves savoring those
hours together even more.

Who recognizes this book?
It is so precious!
About the first day of school.

School days begin for one,
while still another waits.

our back to school brunch 2009
Wyatt is heading into his SENIOR year of preschool.
Yep, the big man on campus.
Read about his first year.
It was a big day for both of us!


  1. I LOVE her! I also love the idea of milk and cookies right after school. We'll have to get on that one! I don't know if it's like this for you, but so far, I get along better with both of my kids and they get along better with each other now that London's in school all day, every day.

  2. Have I mentioned before that YOU are a FANTABULOUS mom?!? (fantastic and fabulous all melted into one) are. :) I love the School Eve tradition. Spot on!

  3. You always find the best ways to celebrate! I don't know if you were talking about Grant that Mia got to say hi to, but I hope she does get to see him and say hi! He loves it when cute girls talk to him ;)

  4. I am anxious at least 100 times more than any of my girls on the first day of school. it's ridiculous. I guess that's the joy of being the mom, though. I am sad cause I was too late asking about preschool for Sabrina and she's on a waiting list. We were really hoping she could go to the same one your little Bugg is going to. I talked to the teacher and she's watching for a spot to open up for a tuition student. I love those teachers and I love the atmosphere for my little girls. I'm loving still having her trailing me at home, but I know she really wants to spend a few hours a week with others.

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited -- I just got the call that a spot opened for Sabrina!!!!! She'll be in the other class from your sweetie, though. We've been doing a happy dance :)

  6. What a fantastic day! I love that you make everything a celebration. :)

  7. She does her own hair? LUCKY! What fun traditions to do with you kids. I bet she felt like royalty. Who wouldn't with a bath like that. Too cute.

  8. Oh my goodness! Such fun memories for you all! I love the pancake, and the mommy-date, the bubble bath, the special dinner, the School Year's Eve- what a great idea to get her excited for school! You're such a good tradition-making-er. (is that a word?). Anyway. You are so awesome.

  9. HAPPY School days!!!! (Love the kissing hand-- it's a tradition at our house too!)

  10. I LOVE School Year's Eve. That is awweeesome! Awesome awesome awesome. What a great idea. How fun!

  11. OMG! What a great idea!! School Year's Eve needs to be published somewhere! Love it!

  12. Hey Bree! We don't know each other, but a few days ago I stumbled across your blog, and every since then I have continued to visit. My name is Kelli and I am a mom to a 4 (almost 5) month old baby boy. His name is Kannon and has partial agenisis of the corpus callosum, tetrasomy i(5p) mosaicism, and epilepsy. This is mine and my husband's first child, and we too celebrate each and every day we get to spend with our precious little "Kannon Ball". Let me first say how endearing your blog is. It really does inspire us to stay strong and hang in there. Your precious little Bugg is just that--precious. I have never met him, but I
    already know he lights up every room with that sweet smile and contagious belly laugh. I am also a member of the website (but I haven't posted
    before). However, I do read all the posts and I saw the video of Bugg. It had my husband and I both in tears, and then later had us laughing at the racecar wheelchair. After that I knew I had to write you. A lot of what your family has experienced hits very close to home for us. I pray for you and your family all the time, and even share Bugg's story/blog along with Kannon's. Anyway, thank you so much for all you do. You sound like an awesome mom, and Bugg is so lucky to have you! If you ever have the time, you should check out Kannon's blog. It is at
    God bless!
    Kelli, Zach, and baby Kannon

  13. Oops! That is supposed to say blogspot! Ha ha my computer automatically corrected it.

  14. I love this! What precious memories with your gorgeous family! The kissing hand is one of my favorite books too. I read it to my first grade glass during the first week of school at my very first teaching job years ago. Very special. Thanks for finding my son's blog and leaving a comment. Instant chums indeed. Have a beautiful day.


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