Wednesday, August 11

back to school "do"

Those eyes.

That smile.


the fro

Woah, this kid needs some hair help.
School is starting soon
and we want Wyatt to look his dapperest
for his senior year (of preschool).
So, what do you think?
Which hairstyle suits him best?

the tail

the curly mohawk
(curls do not spike or stand up)

the nerd

or.......the side part

which, when dry, reminds me of Rupert Friend

So what'll it be?


  1. I love 'the nerd' especially if you stick up a piece in the back like Alfalfa. I'll have to say that he looks so handsome with the side part.

  2. the tail cracks me up but i'm going with the side part.

  3. I heart the side part, but I super heart the curly mohawk! :D

  4. I think he's adorable in all of them, but he told me that someday he's gonna get even with you for this post. Ha Ha!

  5. curly mohawk and side part are my votes. he is adorable in all of them though.

  6. That was so hilarious! Love the pony tail...

  7. lol!! Why not do one for each day of the week?! You can't go wrong with any of them!

  8. I've looked at his do's over and over because they make me SMILE! You can't go wrong with that head of curls! SO HANDSOME :)!!

  9. Don't you dare go with the ponytail. Does Bri know about that?
    I just love his crazy Einstein hair.
    love that kid!

  10. Man what I would not give to have such beautiful hair !!! Clarice

  11. CURLY MOHAWK CURLY MOHAWK CURLY MOHAWK CURLY MOHAWK or THE SIDE PART lol the pony tail is silly it doesnt show off his beautiful curls :)

  12. LOVE them all! :) But I love the side part the most. These pictures make me LAUGH! Such a cute boy. And how I miss his laugh...

  13. I vote one for each day!!!!! Love that kid!

  14. I love the side part! And I VETO the pony tail :)


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