Saturday, August 14

Friday the 13th

I just knew it was going
to be a lucky day!

I was born on Friday the 13th.
So I know this to be true.

and the party is still goin' on.
Maybe I should take down that banner.
And maybe I should update Ella's silhouette!

Our Friday tradition during the summer.
And it's almost over! What?!

Insert lovely pictures here.
I forgot my camera.
Which turned out to be a blessing.
That camera can be so nagging sometimes!

And then Friday night, what. a. blast.

Can you believe this all happened in our yard?
AwesomeNESS! Pure.
And now, it's Saturday morning.
Happy Weekend to you!


  1. It's official - I want you to adopt me! Or maybe just write a book :) That way I can steal all of you're cute ideas!!! Seriously, you would make a fortune! I don't know anyone as creative or fun or tradition-y as you!

  2. I meant "your" cute ideas... Not that you care about my proper use of English or not :)

  3. wow, fun fun, back yard camping! love it! great photos, as always :)

  4. You're so great at turning everything into something fun. I like the thought of doing that, but rarely ever do.

  5. Sleep in a tent just because it's Friday night? And in your back yard? With kids? You're crazy. That's all.

  6. Kierst ~ you always seem to catch me! I guess I didn't mention that we put Ella & Wyatt to bed in the house. I came in at 11pm while Mia & Brian slept out there. 'cause, yeah, that would be crazy!

  7. I just want to come over and play with your adorable children! You guys are always having so much fun. :) I love it. Way to live happy.

  8. What a HAPPY weekend! HOORAY!!

  9. YOU are the most adorable mother ever! Looks like a perfect way to spend a ~lucky~ day!

  10. I LOVE your photography! And apparently we have a lot of similar taste in crafts, lol. I have silhouettes of my girls on the wall in my dining room ;)
    Today your little "buggs" came into nursery during singing time. He has the most infectious chortle! He kept us all grinning while he giggled through all the singing!

  11. Your family is beautiful, your photography is beautiful :) Your Bugg looks very "angelic", have you had him tested for Angelman Syndrome? Some of his pictures remind me of some of my favorite students.

  12. Oh I am so super jelous! Camping in the backyard! Looks like you all had a blast! Glad to see that you all had a fantastic weekend! Hope your week is as superb as the weekend! And yes Friday the 13 is a lucky day!

  13. How absolutely endearingly fun! :D I love it!

    Btw, I don't know if you get email alerts, but I sure enjoyed reading (and commenting) on your "the pregnancy" posts. It's amazing what we can live through and be the better for it, because it sure doesn't tend to feel like that at first. ;)

    Love your new friend, :)

  14. great creativity. You always keep it intresting


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