Friday, December 31

some facts about New Year's & a crafty equation

Facts about New Year's:
~I have never slept through N.Y.'s but
it is pure torture to stay up that late.
~Mia has stayed up til 12 since she was 2.
~When I was a missionary in Berlin,
my missionary companion & I watched
the Brandenburg Gate
fireworks from our apartment
and did sparklers.
~My Arizona cousin's b-day is today
and she'll be at our party tonight!
~Bugg has never been awake for the New Year.
~I ran out of sparklers,
I hope my mama has some.

Wowza, is it cold out there.
Like 16 degrees or something.

Which means that my ice wreaths
are holding up nicely.
Sorry, I won't bore you about these silly
things anymore!

I made some Snickerdoodles.
I love the crunchy slightly softy cooky.
And did you know.......?

......all those strawberry cartons left over from
the summer jamming season
make handy boxes to give cookies to neighbors.
Not exactly cute and airtight.
But that's not the priority.
The cookies are.
Now for the crafty equation:

a second-hand store plate

a thrifted mini brassy candlestick

this mega-hold glue


a change/jewelry/junk grabber.

Now bring on twenty-eleven!
Hope you have a sparkly moment at midnight!!!


  1. Sparkling Pink Catawba is our favorite Meiers! Happy New Year to your family :)

  2. HAPPY HAPPY new year you wonderful family you!

  3. Wow! You've been to Berlin!! I clicked on the link and read a little bit about the place where you watched Fireworks, Brandenburg Gate. It has a "Room of Silence"...

    The ice wreaths you made are fantastic and may they remain frozen and festive for as long as you can stand it....brrrrr!

    Happy, wonderful, blessed, beautiful 2011 to you, your husband, Mia, Bugg and Ella.

  4. Happy new year and Merry Christmas, I know what you mean about the post Christmas blues. I'm hoping for a huge snow storm here to keep us busy. I dread the thought of my kidos going back to school. Another bonus if we got a storm. I love all the excitement and warmth of family around this season, it's such a fun season, you can feel the magic in the air. Thank you for-posting the25 days of Bugg. I just want to hugg the Bugg

    Love Karen (and Johnny, tiffany, Nikki and kiara )

  5. I went to bed at 9:22.

    Your craft project is very cool. I've heard that glue is mighty stinky though, so I don't think I'll brave it anytime soon.


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