Thursday, January 19

her inspiring announcement

One very recent morning,
Mia Darling walked into the kitchen and said,
"Today, we're making Red Velvet cupcakes."
I mean,
what am I gonna say to that?
And inspiring to kick off the best holiday ever.

While she was at school,
Ella Rose & I made those cupcakes.
I was only 1/2 T. short of cocoa powder.
They still worked superb!
And we made some crayon hearts, too.

grate piles of colorful crayons onto wax paper

cover with another sheet of wax paper

slowly iron on low heat

cut out your hearts in different sizes,
use crappy scissors ~ they're going to get waxy

hang or tape in your sunniest window

about those cupcakes.
I made her work for it......

We all really like this frosting
for these cupcakes.
It compliments the Red Velvet
much better than cream cheese frosting.
It's different but so delicious.

Cheers to decorating your own love shacks!


  1. I love the hearts! So, did you get your hair cut? I want to see a picture!!

  2. thanks for reminding me about those hearts, I love doing those and they look great.


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