Wednesday, January 25

Whatcha' Wanna Know Wednesday: the play kitchen

Q: Will you share more about the little play kitchen
that your girls got for Christmas?
How did you make it?

A: Of course!
We had so much fun putting it together.
And we've all had a blast playing with it.
Can you believe it came from this old nightstand?!

I gave it some new paint.
With stripes on the sides!
Screwed in some thrifted shelves
for a bit more counter space.
I painted the shelves and mod podged scrap paper on the top.

The Hunk & his Dad rigged up the counter top.
A hole was cut to fit this thrifted bowl for the sink.
Which is great for washing your giraffes & elephants, apparently.
The faucet is an upside down wooden letter "J."
The knobs are all wooden and can spin.
They came from the craft store.
I painted them with metallic spray paint.

The burners are old scratched CDs.
Spray painted black.
Glued on with E6000.

Thrifted chalkboard.
Mod podged with scrap paper.
Glued with E6000.
That glue is the best!

I sewed simple curtains for the
top & bottom spaces.
My one splurge - cute fabric.
The top space is used for an oven.
The curtain is just stapled into the underside.

The oven racks are from the dollar store.
The tray & muffin tin are from DI.
The felt food is such fun to make!

Wanna burger?

The bottom curtain is secured with a tension rod.
All the dishes and stuff are thrifted/collected.

I got lots of ideas & help from Pinterest.
Looked at lots of different blogs for tips.
There are some crazy amazing play kitchen transformations out there!
I used these cupcake and cookie tutorials.
I can't believe Santa took all the credit for this!

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  1. aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! How do you find time to do it all? You are so flippin amazing. A. MAZE. ING.

    And any time you think otherwise, come to your blog and read about yourself! You are wonder woman!

  2. Bree, I am seriously impressed at all you are able to accomplish on such a limited budget! You are amazingly creative, resourceful, and BEAUTIFUL! I love you!

  3. I'm glad you did a post on this! It is darling and the details are amazing! I never would have though that the faucet was an upside down "J". That's awesome!

  4. When I started seeing this idea around the craft blogs I was suddenly sad that my girls have grown out of the play kitchens :( It's SO cute! Having them cook real food in the real kitchen is helpful for getting them fed, but messy and more stressful (gas range, anyone?!) :P I love how this turned out! The play kitchen my girls grew up with came from my brother where it had gone through all 5 of their kids and was worn out when they got it. I spent Christmas Eve scrubbing it clean and sprucing it up (this was back in our grinding poverty days which I am very glad to be beyond). This is so much cuter and totally worth the minimal cost and time/energy! You did an awesome job.

  5. So cute! I just got rid of our play kitchen this Christmas. I bought it for $40 off Craigslist 4 years ago and sold it for $100! My kids were just done with it and we needed the space but sometimes I wish we still had it. Yours is great AND small!

  6. Oh I love it!!!! So much fun!!!


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