Sunday, January 8

Welcome Winter!

It was a good & buuuusy weekend.
3 birthday parties,
a temple trip,
crafting bed cozies,
some outings......
A nice change from
our at-home-'cause-of-cough-&-sniffles days.

"Oh, what blessed snow!
Don't you wish you could just roll about in it like dogs?"
Line from Little Women.
Finally, finally, we got some real snow!

A special treat:
we ate lunch at my favorite.....

Bugg had some rough moments.
But loved their jello. :)

Then we went Y bowling!
Bugg pushed the ball himself.

Who can sleep in a bowling alley?
Who can sport a scarf-turned-noise-blocker
like a rocker wig?

Have a wildly fun week!


  1. I'm glad you made some bed buddies! Our kids use theirs every night. The only downside, I had no idea that rice had an odor when warmed up, but the kids couldn't care less!

  2. Hilarious! I love your hair getting so long!

  3. @Brandy (though she'll probably never see this, lol) if you add a few drops of essential oils it helps cover the rice scent. Also, feed corn doesn't have the same scent and stays warm longer. Adding lavender is great to help calm and encourage rest!
    These warmers are also great for growing pains. I have some plain wool socks (the mismatched ones) that I poured rice into (or corn) and tied a knot at the top. The girls come nab one when their legs are aching at night.

  4. That picture of Bugg crying might be one of the sweetest/saddest things I've ever seen! Melt my heart! We use glasses just like the one that Ella is using in the last picture! We used them growing up and I have built quite a collection from DI for myself. I love them! :)

  5. Do you know the lady back there starring a whole through your family?

  6. I LOVED catching up on all of your recent posts! (love that the little one learned to "wink") You have a the sweetest family and I can't wait to meet the new wee one!

  7. Felicia ~ no idea who that lady is???! Funny! I never noticed! Perhaps a Bugg crush????

  8. What a great day, love the white stuff.

  9. I'm sure it was a Bugg crush! (Briley always has admirers when we're out & about too. We just have ourselves some heart breakers on our hands.)


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