Sunday, January 15

twelve years & frosted glass

Date Night was in honor of

Love date nights.
Love burgers & a shake.
'Specially when he gets crafty
with a home improvement project:

We have this awkward window
by the front door.
I've never known quite what to do with it.
If it were up to me,
we'd have NO blinds on any of our windows.
I pull them up all the time
because they are not pretty
& block out sunlight.
But I kinda get the privacy thing,
especially at night.
But I finally found something that would work
that is super easy, cheap, snazzy, &
This lil' genius gig I found here.
So Brian taped up the glass
& I speckled it with the round stickers.

He then gave the glass
a few coats of frost.
We evacuated for a half hour.
And then peeled the stickers off.

Standing outside.
Now visitors won't be able to see
everything when they come to the door.
And we can run around in our unmentionables!
small joke. just laugh.

And from the inside.
I like that we have the sticker peep holes
to look out & see who's there.

Here's hours of entertainment for you:
little girls + brownies + a fort + a whoopie cushion =


  1. I have the same aversion to always-closed curtains, but we have sidelights (those tall skinny windows) on both sides of our front door. I cut a shape out of contact paper and used that to create the frosted glass look without actually doing anythign permanent. I'm such a chicken when it comes to permanent things, lol. Dang, I thought I posted pics on my blog... but don't see it. There's a 1/2" gap between cut shapes. I like the shape so much I'm echoing it on one wall in the Living Room. The windows look JUST like frosted glass, but didnt' cost me a penny! And it got rid of the dusty lace things that were there before :D

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