Tuesday, January 3

just another Tuesday

I tried all day long
to put the Christmas stuff away.
I got as far as taking down the advent calendar.
Just wasn't feelin' it.

Ella & I did get to story time at the library, though,
and bought shampoo at the store.
Errands are so much more glamorous
when sporting some hot lips.

Vacuumed, organized some earrings,
read our library picture books,
snacked too much,
made meat loaf for dinner.

Writing: "Life is grand."
This one.
She has been on Highway WHINE
So we're trying the dreaded sentence-writing.
She hates it.
But more whining equals more sentences.
It's working!!

I have to sorta
hide a smile.
Why is it funny to me?

Poor guy.

And the most adventurous
part of the day was bath time.
Bugg makes a complete mess of the bathroom.
He slaps his hands over & over
into the water
with full gusto.

He finds it awesomely hilarious.

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Pink bib! Oh yes, poot Bugg!

  2. Ooh, sentence writing. Why haven't I thought of that? (London might actually like it though)

  3. What? A pink bib? I certainly hope that's an old picture. Buggy got a whole box of studly bibs for Christmas didn't he?

  4. hahaha writing lines? For real! do you bring out the ol' paddle too? Hey invite us along next time for story time. I'm going stir crazy around here!!

  5. I must say we used the writing sentences punishment with our oldest.

  6. Hey, you're one step ahead of me. I haven't taken down even one of my 6 advent calendars! Can Katie and I come see you on Friday? I have to go to your town every Friday so I should really stop by some time. How are you doing with this pregnancy? Are you on restrictions like you were with your other pregnancies?

  7. :) Pink bib! Poor guy. Love the sentence writing, and Christmas stuff...still not going anywhere at my house. Not feelin it either.


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