Friday, January 13


Do you believe that Friday the 13th
is unlucky or lucky?
I think it's lucky,
but we sometimes have to make it happen.

It began last night.
Mia Darling & I got to sneak away for a date.

I love our outings.
Just us.
So special.
We both needed it.

And today?
Last minute, we threw a Happy Un-Birthday party.
Banner, games, cupcakes, & friends.
I didn't even need to run to the store.
We just used what we had,
called our neighbors,
& were happy to be out in the warm-ish sunshine.
Our scavenger hunt led to mini cupcakes:

which were
hidden & then eaten in the back of the truck.

When her balloon got popped,
she just stood there for 60 seconds.

She gave some glares
and then skipped on to the next game.

And sweet Buggy slept
while we partied out front.
He can sport an awesome bed~head!

Happy lucky Friday!

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  1. What a great way to have a fun filled day.


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