Wednesday, January 18

Whatcha' Wanna Know Wednesday

Q: Do you know what caused Bugg's disability?

A: Absolutely no idea.
He just got lucky.
We all got lucky.

In those early days,
I wondered if it was the headache meds (just Tylenol) I'd taken just before
I found out I was pregnant.
Or was it in the water?
The air?
Did I not scrub my produce well enough?

I wondered if I'd not prepared my body well enough
to carry a child.
But messing with the guilt game wasn't working for me.
I knew it was nothing I could have prevented.
Even if I'd lived in a plastic bubble,
I believe that Wyatt was sent to us just as God intended.

I've always been kind of a paranoid freak
when it comes to being pregnant.
And it just intensifies with each pregnancy.
I make sure that I'm my strongest & healthiest.
I take my prenatals, eat nourishing foods,
exercise diligently,
cut out the unsafe-for-pregnancy foods.
All this before even trying to get pregnant.
Ironically, though, I wasn't taking prenatals until after I was
pregnant with Mia. Go figure.

Pregnancy has me doing things like
ditching all my cleaners
for straight up vinegar & water,
having way-too-expensive milk delivered to my door,
becoming a food snob and refusing to purchase "fake" food,
making sure my hairdresser/super good friend has a fume-free
salon when I get my hair cut (tomorrow! good bye looooong hair),
and other such things.
I can be kind of a martyr when it comes to taking medication.
I'll suffer til I can't take the headache pain any longer.
And then break down and take a teeny dose of Tylenol.

I even think of hibernating to the rural back woods
away from smog & chemicals,
eating nuts & berries,
frying my own wild fresh fish.
See? Kuckoo!

And while we don't know the technical cause of Wyatt's
special handicap,
I know he is exactly as he should be.
Our Heavenly Father has a perfect Plan for each of us.
Wyatt was meant for our family.
He is what we need in this life.
To teach us to love & serve.
To remind us that life is about returning to our Father.
And that we are here to have JOY!


  1. I couldn't agree more. Both that Wylee Bugg is perfect and just as he should be AND that you are a bit of a wacko (hee hee) when you are prego! Bugg is so adorable in all these pics.

  2. thank you so much for sharing the link to the buggs hot wheels celebration, what a positive introduction!

  3. Just catching up with all of your posts, LOVE LOVE LOVE! Seriously, reading your blog lifts me up and makes me want to embrace all that life has to offer. I love love reading it, and I'm always finding myself laughing or crying (in a happy way). Inspired! I love you sista! :) -Aunt Ky

  4. Seriously he is so super cute! Briley has all the same diagnoses as Wyatt & because nobody could say why & nothing showed up with genetic testing, I spent some time wondering about what I did too, so this hit home. I used to see kids his age & wonder what he "shoulda/woulda" been like until I realized it was almost devaluing the pure soul that only these special hand picked beings are blessed with for life. I'm so glad you share your Bugg with us!

  5. Oh I couldn't agree more. I love seeing our special little boys be true to their mission on the earth... the love and joy they bring is beyond measure!

  6. what a wonderful way to explain that and to express how you felt or felt. Love these. Thanks


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