Saturday, December 11

Day eleven:::Cookies!

Christmas means celebrating:
c 0 0 k i e s ! ! !

We made cookies 3 times this past week!
Hello! This is my season to shine.
I love them.

the Hunk rolls, measures & cuts dough
for our gingerbread house

First, there was the gingerbread.
There was dough left over
after making the house
so we made little gingerbread men.
Yum. And like I said before,
just once a year is it tasty.

Our Buggy brought home a cute one from preschool.

I am LOVING my celebration cookie bugg apron
and bugg mugg
from my dear friend, Sandie.

LooooOOOOooooove it!
Thank you, sweet friend.
back to cookie business.

The thing that sets cookies apart from
Christmas cookies
is the extra magical special flavor & sparkle.
Dressing up a simple cookie to put
a jingle in your jolly belly.
Something that says,
"mmmmmmm-merry Christmas!"
And when it comes to chocolate cookies,
(my fave)
MINT must be heavily involved.

I made a chocolate dough
(my sister's secret recipe that I finally fanaggled from her)
and mixed in white chocolate chips.
Just before baking,
I added peppermint bits to the tops.
Merry, eh?

I took these lovelies to the family Christmas party
last night.
Chocolate crinkles are great as is.
But plant a Hershey's mint kiss on top
and you add a holiday BAM! to your palate.

I mean it.

If you add the kisses
taking them off the cookie sheet,
they make a gooey pretty puddle
of minty merry madness.

Santa's belly is full & jolly!


  1. um Bree I think you should mail me some cookies!!! :) LOL

  2. oh those cookies look yummy.

  3. can you share your sister's secret recipe with us?? they look heavenly!

  4. Those cookies look truly cannot eat just one.

  5. I made those mint ones a couple weeks ago! Except I went the easy route and used cake mix cookies that I rolled in powdered sugar. MMMMMMM! I actually have a bunch in my freezer. They're dangerous. I would have eaten the whole two batches alone!

  6. I love making treats at Christmas time. So far this week I've made PB kiss cookies, gingerbread cookies and fudge. Next week is sugar cookies :)
    We should get together for all of this.

  7. This is such a yummy post! I'm so glad that you like the celebration gifts. Your kids all look SO cute with cookie faces. I'm sooo loving the chocolate (my favorite) crinkles that I can almost taste. Thank you for sharing that recipe and the delightfully, delicious pictures! Yummmmmm!!

  8. LOVE Holiday baking!! YUMMY!

  9. I've been out of town and missing out on all these Bugg days. It was fun catching up, I enjoyed every single second! But now I'm craving cookies. Hmmm.....

  10. Can I have the chocolate (secret) recipe? Pretty please? :)

  11. Sorry, guys. Sister won't budge on the recipe for the chocolate cookies. Maybe

  12. Bree, I really think you should consider mailing some of those yummy cookies to Wisconsin. I love all your pictures on the blog.


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