Monday, December 27


A glimpse into our December.......

Grandpa the donkey, Ashtyn the stiff Mary trying not to fall off,
and a snoozing Joseph

Mia (16 months) at the family Christmas party 2005

Ella (18 mos) at the family Christmas party 2010

I made approximately 3 zillion cookies.
Some were perfect, others like this one, were NOT.
PS: hard candies are beautiful in sugar cookies but do not taste good together.

Christmas light spotting around town
We gave a prize to the best one

The Hunk & I tossed the football
out front one night

LOTS of crafting.

a Mama-Daughter-Bugg date

an old-fashioned Christmas at
This is the Place
It is still going and it's beautiful.
Especially the live nativity,
including shepherds herding sheep in the field.

Mia & cousin Kari doing the printing press

We made toffee for the first time.
Hello, YUM.
And thanks to us, our neighbor found out
he's allergic to walnuts.
(so sorry!)

And after all that snow,
I'm still waiting for the temps to stay below freezing
so I can hang my ice wreaths.

The Hunk rigged up a box
to charge the new glow-in-the-dark


And to all a Good NITE!


  1. Oh, I remember your grandparents and family caroling to our house many times over the years! And I'm glad your toffee turned out on the first try. Me--it took a few attempts!

  2. oh Bree leave it to you to send your neighbor into an allergic reaction LOL!

    Love the pictures!

    sending lots of love and hugs your guys way :)

  3. WOAH! That is a lot of snow! I'm glad it's not here! London's sad, though. We haven't seen snow in 2 years. That means our little guy has never seen it. I'm not so disappointed, though.

  4. I am absolutely convinced that you get more out of your holidays than I do!


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