Sunday, December 5

Day five:::25 Days of BUGG

What in the world could Bugg be doing?
Clue: We watched something tonight.
Clue 2: It was about Christmas.
Clue 3: It was INSPIRING!

another hint........

The First Presidency Christmas Devotional!
The talks & MoTab music always motivate me to celebrate
Christmas in a more meaningful way.
Every year, just around Thanksgiving time,
my mind goes wild about all the upcoming festivities:
decking the halls with popcorn garlands,
filling the advent calendars,
homemade gift plans,
searching out perfect Christmas candy
to fill stockings,
which cookies I'll make,
what we'll do, see, watch, make, & on!
In other words, excitement turns to s t r e s s.
And then, just when December hits,
I feel it.
This overwhelming desire to simplify.
To get down to the real celebration of Christmas:
Celebrating the birth of the Savior.
Ahhhh, peace, love, joy.
The spirit of Christmas enters my heart
and I'm happy.
And that feeling is just reinforced when we watch the
Christmas Devotional.

Mmmmm, I love Christmas.

(the candle we burn each night as we read)

And oh, yes, we've decked the halls with popcorn/cranberry garlands,
I went to Cummings' (after going to Shriners with Bugg) to get candy for the stockings,
and I've got some cookie tricks to reveal soon,
but I feel focused and centered now.
If the piddly things don't get done,
no biggie.
As long as the important stuff happens,
the things that will make this Christmas memorable,
then that is what really matters.
One of the things we do every evening to celebrate is
read together about Christ.
Sometimes it's scriptures, sometimes a Christmas story about service,
then we sing a carol and pray.
It is special and beautiful.
On Christmas Eve, we'll carol the children to bed
by candlelight and tuck them in with stuffed bears
fresh from the hot dryer.
Okay, so the piddly stuff has its place!
Just making a moment extra magical!!
Tell me, if you please,
how do you make this season meaningful?


  1. For Christmas this year my oldest brother's family gave each family an Advent Candle. It's a pretty candle with 24 sparkly dots on it (like the numbered one you show above!) then a paper with a scripture to read each night while you burn the candle down to the next dot. Tonight we read the few verses where Christ calms the storm when the boat he is on it about to sink. Some aspect of Christ to read about and discuss every night leading up to the celebration of His birth. It's great!

  2. I think I need to re-watch the devotional since my screaming kids kind of ruined it for me this year.

    One tradition we have, is to buy a new nativity every year. They are most of the holiday decoration in our house, so it's a constant reminder of the meaning of the season.

    Also, this is only the second year that I have been able to use my advent calendar that I made a couple of years ago (last year, none of our Christmas stuff was un-packed. Okay, NONE of our ANYTHING was unpacked). Anyway, I'm loving the advent calendar. In each pocket is a little something by way of quote or scripture that brings the meaning of the ornament into Christ. London thinks each day is a new "article of faith" and gets really excited to read it. In fact, every day, she reads the new one, PLUS all of the old ones.

  3. Find some way to serve a stranger. When I was a kid, it was anonymous boxes to widows in our town that were alone on Christmas. Since Jeff and I got married, we've been a part of Angel Tree-like projects or have kept our eyes open for those that are in need or just need a special thank you. Again, all anonymous.

  4. We recorded the devotional but haven't watched it yet.

    I love that there is a place for the piddly stuff along with the real meaning stuff. I often have good intentions for the piddly stuff, but don't end up doing a lot of it.

  5. Okay, I'm a blubbering mess after reading your post and then all of the comments. I loved yours and each of your readers comments. Thank you ALL!

  6. Since my mama is really sick, this year my goal is to just do things she wants to do and just spend time with her because I am not sure how much time I will have left with her.

    Bree you inspire me. (hey that rhymes) LOL

  7. OH we LOVED the devotional too. It reminds us to keep our holiday centered on the things that matter most... Love you!

  8. where dids you find that candle. I so want one of those.


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