Wednesday, December 15

Day 15:::25 Days of BUGG

Today in our yard:
we played in the snow!

I'm so grateful that there's a way
to keep my Bugg super snugg
in his Buggy Bag.

Peppermint Meltaways.
Discovered by my mom several years ago.
These mini cookies are a perfect mate
to hot chocolate.
They really melt on your tongue
which makes it a great cookie for Bugg to eat.

When they bake up,
a weird jellyfish-like gig forms.
But, because the cookies are so light,
a gentle thumb swipe gets rid of it.

So cute.
If they had cheeks,
I'd pinch 'em.


  1. Bugg I love your Bug bag so neat, I bet you had a great time in the snow, how about sending some down here for us to play in.

    Those cookies look yummy, would you mind sharing the recipe or is it one of those secret family ones.

  2. You got snow, I am totally jealious. There is nothing here. I am totally going to try those cookies this weekend. Thanks for passing them on.

  3. What a fun snow day!
    I love the buggy bag and I can personally vouch for the cookies :) YUMMMMM-O!
    love you guys!

  4. You can keep the snow at your!

    those cookies look yummy

  5. Because I haven't done enough baking already, lol....I will definitely be trying these cute cookies. Thanks!

  6. Will you share the recipe for these?

    Can you believe we have no snow?!


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