Tuesday, December 7

Day seven:::25 Days of BUGG

One year ago today......

And today, I was out shopping in short sleeves.
Good news to those of you who were curious
about the countdown candle.
I found a similar one......I like it even better actually.
Here you go!


  1. I was shopping in the sunshine today too! It feels like Spring! Lovin' the candle!

  2. I had to take a LONG, HOT shower to warm up this morning and I've been wearing shoes (I rarely wear shoes) and long sleeves all day. How is it that your weather is better than mine? Maybe I'm just wimpier.

  3. What?!? It's a whopping 20 degrees over here. BRRRR!!! Enjoy the sun while it lasts. xo

  4. Okay it isn't exactly hot here, but there is no snow so I am just fine :)


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