Thursday, December 9

Day nine:::25 Days of BUGG

Bugg brings home such fun stuff
from preschool!
Look at his cute little gingerbread house.
With this attached note......

His teachers hot glued the grahams together.
So cute.
We got ambitious and made a neighbor for Bugg's house.

Bugg was trying to rip away the

Gingerbread is so GOOD.....
like, once a year.
We'll see how long this baby lasts.
Only 16 days of Bugg left!!!!!!


  1. Sabrina's graham cracker house came home completely covered in M&M's. that girls knows her favorite candy, lol. I don't bother to try to keep their "gingerbread" houses around yet. I know it's still all about eating the candy :P

  2. Gingerbread houses is one of our traditions! We do one for Valentines, Easter and Halloween too. This year we are going to make trains with graham crackers and cookies. Maybe I'll actually post some pictures. :) Costco has awesome gingerbread houses this year. They are already put together, you just have to decorate them. And they're only $10. That's where I usually get mine.

  3. gingerbread houses are a sore subject with my mom and me LOL. I refuse to make them because I can't stand the taste of gingerbread so I just eat all the candy :)

  4. What a cute gingerbread boy!


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