Thursday, December 16

Day 16:::25 Days of BUGG

Ok, I lied.

Apparently, we visited a mall Santa.
Bugg's first Christmas 2006.
Can you believe they let us use our own camera?!
Those were the days.


  1. It's very surprising they let you use your camera for that shot.

  2. I always use my own camera!!!! I can't believe that you actually saw a mall Santa, good for you!! I love checking in everyday and seeing a picture of the Bugg to count down to Christmas...what a great idea!!

  3. lol I didn't think they ever let people do that

  4. Honestly. Last year I took Megan to a mall santa without realizing that 2 4 x 6 prints would cost $25. What a waste. You'll be able to say to your kids, "I remember when mall Santas were free" and they'll never believe you.


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