Friday, December 17

Day 17:::25 Days of BUGG

Before Bugg hit a 103 fever.
Ella is feelin' it, too.
Oh, boy.
Cheers! to the weekend, everyone!


  1. oh no! I am sorry guys feel better soon.

    oh Bree I mentioned you in my blog he he!

  2. Oh boo on the fever. Love reading your blog my dear. Merry Christmas. We started another blog - . I love your little bugg, even though I've never met him. And your cute family. Love you!

  3. Boo, we have been dealing with the sickness here also, it's sooo much harder when it is hits our special guys :( Hope he is feeling better soon :)

  4. As a piano playing fool, especially during the holidays, I especially love this pic!!! But am sad to hear Buggers has been sick. Chloe has too. NO fun!!!


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