Wednesday, December 8

okay, finally.

Hooray! for finishing up your questions!

Angela asked: Bree, what do you do with Wyatt (PT,OT any of that stuff) or do you really primarily work with him in your home with just you and your family?

a picture of the computer at Bugg's preschool

We don't take Wyatt to therapies unless it's Shriners a few times a year. I've thought about paying for pool therapy because I think he'd enjoy it but honestly, I'm not willing to put in the effort. The driving and scheduling and shuffling my other thanks. Not my priority right now.

He does get tons of awesome and loving therapy at school - occupational, speech, vision, and physical. And at home......I'd like to think that any kind of stimulation he is receiving is called THERAPY. The smell of cookies baking, listening to us singing carols, feeling the textures on his texture board, gazing at the christmas tree lights, digging into a bowl of dried beans, stretching out on the yoga ball as we watch "Little House on the Prairie," tummy time on the boppy while I am doing some laundry, feeling the vibrations of the vacuum, and such. I'm not hard-core on therapies......they just kind of happen with the rhythm of our days.

livehappy and Jill had similar questions: How does Wyatt communicate? How interactive is

Goooooooood question! He communicates with smiles and gazes. He laughs a LOT. I guess it's safe to see that that means he's happy and loving life. For those that know'd agree that he LOVES life. Most of the time. When he's sad, he cries or fusses or makes a grimace-y face. When he doesn't want or like the food, he shakes his head. When Wyatt is bored, he bangs his head on his wheelchair headrest. He blows lots of raspberries and knows that he's being funny. If he is excited, he pats his lap with lots of enthusiasm. Oh, man, this kid is so hecka amazing!

Vuki family asked: How did Wyatt get the COOLEST mom ever?

'Twas fate, my dear.

An anon question: How do your other kids react to Wyatt getting extra attention?

My daughters get a LOT a LOT of attention. And besides that, it is just normal to them. They have never known anything different. We all give him attention. It's great. We're family.

And finally, Galiah asks: How did Wyatt get the nickname "Bugg?"

June 2006 - 6 weeks old
Great question. The nickname was given to Wyatt by the Hunk. How or when? Who knows. But does it not fit so perfectly? Cute as a bug(g)!


  1. I love that picture of Mia and Wyatt! They were so tiny.

    I think all the therapy you do at home is amazing! Cookies and Carol sounds like my kind of therapy too.

    Oh and I too love Bugg's laugh. Always makes me smile.

  2. You my dear...are fabulous. :) That picture of him at 6 weeks old is darling.

  3. I love the picture of the welcome home note and cookies :) Too sweet

  4. That last picture is CO cute!!

  5. I agree therapy comes in all forms!! Love the pics like always.

  6. Great answers!!! I agree that one of the best therapies is Let Your Child BE a Child Therapy. Let him live life. Kovy (9, ACC) has made that quite clear to us...


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