Wednesday, December 1

Day ONE of 25 Days of BUGG

Everyone is bustin' out the
advent calendars today.
How 'bout a Bugg countdown, too?!
Lucky you.

Dec. 2006
I KNOW! Are you DYing?!
So cute.
Happy December!
No fear, I'll pop in with the celebrate-y bulky posts, too.


  1. What a cute picture! And that's such a good idea to get matching outfits!

  2. Sweet i like the Bugg version of the calendar he is as sweet as chocolate

  3. I am melting, that is so cute!

  4. Sorry I've been internet has been down. I'm trying my best to catch up on everyone's blogs. LOVE this picture. CUTE! I'm excited for my 25 days of BUGG!!! xo


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