Wednesday, March 16

celebrating & remembering Grandma

April 2010
Once upon a time,
a girl named Sharen,
was dating a boy named Larry.
They had just gotten off the train and she was waiting
for him to return with their luggage.
Finally, she saw him running toward her.
He picked her up, hugged her, and twirled her around.
They went back to the car and
he had her close her eyes and hold out her hand.
He slipped an engagement ring onto her finger
and kissed her before she could open her eyes.
In the words of my grandma's journal:
"I couldn't believe it.
I was engaged to Larry Hone,
the boy I had loved for 5 years."
Their 51st wedding anniversary is
in just a couple weeks.

The picture
on my table.

Grandma passed away yesterday.
It is bittersweet.
The long journey with Alzheimer's is over.
There is much rejoicing in heaven now.
And that brings comfort.

I am miles & miles away from Grandpa.
I want so bad to be there with him
and the rest of the family.
I needed to feel connected
and also celebrate the truly remarkable
lady that was such an influence in my life.
So I found a picture of my grandparents
at my wedding and made it the dining table centerpiece.

I searched in my closet for
my grandma's old shirts she wore in the 70s.
Aren't they awesome?
They used to be part of my regular wardrobe, too,
back in the day.
I know my HS friends will remember these lovelies!
If only this fit - it's too small now!
I LOVE it and
will never part with it.

Trying these on totally brought me back
to that Sunday afternoon
that I discovered Grandma's treasure trove
in her closet.
We had just had our traditional Sunday spaghetti dinner.
My parents & grandparents & I were visiting in their bedroom
while I was freaking out over
all the polyester glory that had been hiding all those years!
They got great laughs as I tried on her clothes.
And I was in heaven.

For dinner last night,
I made a whole wheat waffle recipe
that she gave me years ago.
And I thought about how grateful I am to her
and my grandpa.
Their love & devotion to each other!
Their love of God.
Support of family.
Being wonderful examples to all of us.

PS: I had mine with Nutella
& bananas & syrup.

I had an assignment in 5th grade
to interview a grandparent.
I interviewed Grandma and she
told me the best story:
her mother had asked her to clean her room.
Grandma was the oldest of ELEVEN kids
so I can see why this would be important.
Grandma didn't do it.
When the bus pulled up to her house after school,
her clothes, including unmentionables,
were strung all throughout the front yard.
Oh, that's a good one!!
Grandma was a lovely singer.
She played oldies in the car when we
went on errands with her,
which drove my Uncle Kelton nuts.
I still love the song,
"Hang down your head, Tom Dooley."
Her childrens' friends called her "mom."
She made me & my sister
tuna fish sandwiches after school
and said we couldn't jump on the trampoline
with the sprinklers unless it was
84 degrees or warmer.
She made clam chowder before we all
went Christmas caroling.
She always remembered everybody's birthdays.
It is indeed a sad time.
But my grandma is a lady to be celebrated.
Like last April.........
We had a family reunion in honor of
my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary!
Their 5 children + lots of grandkids + a heap of great-grandkids
It was awesome!

When my grandma saw this picture on the table,
she just started laughing.
Laughing and giggling!
Alzheimer's had claimed most of her vocab.
But my, she was super giddy about seeing
that wedding picture.

My grandpa loves his bride.
There was never a moment to doubt it.
He was always so kind and loving and patient.
Even when she couldn't care for herself
and needed so much help.
He was sweetly there.
My heart aches for him now.

But they will see each other again.
They will be together forever.
They will run to each other again and hug and twirl around.


  1. Your Grandparents were the best part of being in the NH ward when Randy and I lived in Sacto. Such amazing people!! Bree, will you email me with funeral info. I'd love to go and have lost all contact with anyone from there ♥

  2. HA! I can't believe you still have those UGLY shirts! I love it! I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm SO glad your Grandma is all better now. I know how awful that disease is. My parents will be at the funeral.

  3. thank you for sharing this x

  4. Thanks for the reminder of celebrating family.

  5. My heart is breaking for your grandpa as well. They are/were such a lovely couple.

  6. Aside from knowing her my entire life, she was my favorite seminary teacher! I'm thinking of your family.

  7. Oh boy, your mom warned me that this post was a tearjerker! Such a tender love story they lived. What a sweet reunion they will have someday.

  8. What a beautiful post. Brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful celebration of her life. My grandma died last year and I was too far away to be there with my family. I wrote something which my cousin read at the funeral. It helped me to remember her and be there in spirit. Thinking of you and your family at this time.

  9. Your grandma sounds like an amazing person. I can see where you get your inner and outter beauty. Please pass my condolences onto your family. love and hugs

  10. What sweet thoughts of your grandmother, she was just as amazing as you had said, but there is not one person from your family that is not. I love you guys and my heart goes out to each of you, my prayers will be there for you and your family at this special time, especially for sweet Larry Hone. Thanks so much for sharing:)

  11. Beautiful! Thanks Bree! Can't ask for better examples in our lives than they!

  12. What a lovely post Bree. What wonderful grandparents and examples you have. My heart is tender for you as you say goodbye...

  13. Hey Bree can I steel some of your pictures for my upcoming blog post about her passing?
    You said it beautifully!


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