Monday, March 28

our YELLOW weekend celebration

And in usual Bree holiday devotee fanaticism,
we got our yellow on,
both in color & happy moments.

The weekend was full of
dreary & drizzles & dark clouds.
The sun shone about 3 percent of the time.
No worries,
it shone round the clock in our house!

yellow crepe paper rosette center,

sigh....this boy!
I got bit by spontaneity (again!)
and asked my Hunk out on a date.
But how was I going to find a sitter
(which we're very picky about)
at such short notice?
I sent a text with fingers crossed!


I love dates.
Looooove them.
Because I love my Hunk.
I think part of the fun of "dating"
is the anticipation!
The planning, the getting ready,
the talking-about-it-with-each-other part.
Not that we had much time to prep
for this one,
but it was still fun & fit just right.

We've all heard that you should
go out on a date with your spouse
once a week, eh?
Fine & dandy was that plan during those newlywed days.
Then the baby comes.
School, work.
Then more babies.
Then Wyatt made us paranoid with his special needs.
Then we take the dates
here & there when G&G are available.
I tell you, though,
when that 3rd sweet'ems was born,
going out with each other became necessary for us.
Plus I just love getting dressed up for Brian
and being with just him.
And you know,
our Bugg is just fine every time.
So we have worked it into our budget.
(Or not.)
But we still do it :)
Paying a babysitter,
swapping with our friends that have children,
I guess years from now we could say
"Well, we saved a lot of money,"
had we not gone out.
But I hope we'll say,
"We have a ton of fun memories together.
k, stepping down now. ahem.

I had that dreaded conversation
with this one.
Yeah, that one.
Where she learns that Santa is.....
not real.
OH! The pain.
I was hoping this could wait a few (or a lot)
more years.
This wise beyond her years gal
already knew.
She just needed to hear it from me.
She took it well.
I didn't.
'Cause now she knows about everybody else, too.
This is killing me, friends.
Right before Easter, too!
I'm so glad that Bugg will never grow out
of that stuff.

yellow streamers wrapped
around canning jar lids.

a Peep in hot chocolate

If you do not get this magazine,
then I have just one question:
why the heck not?
Every time I get it in the mail,
my heart turns yellow!

Did you give some service
a go?
Great book, btw.

Made cookies....

.....and doorbell ditch delivered 'em!
Mia also ditched a handful of the smiley faces
at random spots in Walmart.
That'll get 'em!
I dare someone not to smile.

Ended the holiday with a yellow dinner:
lemon garlic chicken,
yellow squash,
lemon slushie,
I wrote a sunny love note to everyone.

It was realllllly sunny & yellow
over the weekend.

Did you have any yellow
moments, too?!!!!


  1. About Santa . . . I have to tell you a story. A couple weeks ago, London came home from school a little freaked out about Leprechauns. I told her that they weren't real and they wouldn't steal our sparkly things. She told me that I HAD to tell her teacher because she didn't know. I sent her to school and mentioned our conversation to her teacher, but I also told London that she could let her friends believe. She came home that day and informed me that if you don't believe in leprechauns, they won't bring you stuff, so she said that she does believe in leprechauns. Then she kind of made the same connection with the Easter Bunny. But we didn't really talk about it. She just knows that since she believes, he'll bring her stuff (but I don't think she really believes). Funny girls we have.

  2. My girls figured out about all the holiday creatures (Santa, Easter Bunny, Leprechaun, etc.) years ago. They decided they prefer to pretend, though. They pretend they don't know and i pretend it's still all real. When Kate first asked if Santa really existed I stretched it out for a while turning it around and asking her what she though. Then finally she wanted an answer. I told her that it's a game people like to play to share love and happiness with others. It's not a lie, it's a game. She LOVES games, so she loved that answer. I love the innocence of those holiday times! They may sometimes wear me out, but we love the games :D

  3. I love you and all your yellowness! What a great tradition to start. The world should follow your example. :)

  4. LOVED having a "yellow" weekend in the midst of the drizzle. love you!!

  5. I posted about our yellow weekend on my blog. It was low key, but lovely! Thanks for letting us share in on the fun!

  6. You are brilliant and on top of that you're the sweetest person I know. Thank you for filling my day with sunshine!!



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