Thursday, March 17

vacationing: part THREE.

The ocean.
The beach, wind, waves,
salty air, seagulls,
sparkly water,
but my family at the ocean,
that's where my joy is at.
It was a MUST
while we were in CA.

It was a bit tricky with
Bugg's hot wheels.
But so worth the effort.
We went to Ventura Beach
with Brian's brother Shane
and his family.

cousin Tristan

cousin Emma

Ella in her element

This is Ella,
after taking a nose dive.
She plum ran right into the waves!
But, of COURSE, she would do that.
One of the awesome things
about Bugg:
He always stays put.
the waves came up
right to his chair!

The kids all loved it.
But I realllllly loved it.
And Happy St. Patrick's Day!
And thank you so much for your
sweet thoughts & words about my grandma!!


  1. amazing photos.the light is superb.
    beautiful kids

  2. The pictures are beautiful. A few of them were especially touching - all the kids on the rocks, your fam, bugg looking on from his chair. Love them all. Yes... we are so sorry to hear of your grandma. Sweet memories.

  3. Looking at your lovely pictures (and especially loving the ones of the kids sitting on the rock) I'm glad we got the Disneyland adventure instead of the beach. Maybe I need a better attitude because it's a lovely place, but I just think of all the sand I have to wash off and the two kids I have to keep out of the water (especially Ashton. That kid is a maniac when it comes to running into the water). It sounds fun and looks like you had a great time, but I don't think I'll be braving the beach (without Taylor) for a couple more months.

  4. I am totally jealous of you guys! You all look amazing and so happy...except the Ella fit throwing one lol

  5. Oh what a beautiful day! The beach is such a magical place!

  6. Beautiful .. love Bugg sitting on the rock looks like he is getting some more balance so sweet. Looks like a lovely vacation.

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful vacation! I'm so happy that you were able to get out on a fun spontaneous trip and create sweet memories with your family!

  8. Love your sun-kissed face! A lot of these pictures need to be framed and hung on your wall at home!!

  9. How did I miss this post before? The pics are AWESOMELY AMAZING!!!


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