Sunday, March 6

the Hunk takes his wife to breakfast

a picture story of our date:

are you KIDDING me?
Who has ever seen hot chocolate
served in a yellow mug?!!!!!!!


And that's that.
Gol', we have fun together.


  1. You two are a super sweet couple!

  2. Glad you had a fun time out together! You deserve it! I love the new header and also love just bitten! I'd like one in every shade, please :)

  3. Oh how fun!! I'm so glad you were able to sneak out! Lovin' the "just bitten" and the yellow mug!!

  4. That must be why we MESH! We both LOVE YELLOW! YAY! :) Dates are FUN!

  5. Love this. :) My husband has one weekday a week off now, and I try my hardest to make no plans for that morning. We send the kids off to school and go out for breakfast. It's my favorite meal to eat out! I love it. :) Glad that you had a breakfast date!


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