Friday, March 4

the wheelchair goes to the shop

Well, my word.
Look who thinks he's all big boy
and growing up and getting TALL.
Bugg, that's who.
The boy is getting so long and
needed his chair adjusted for his height.
So my sister, Kylee, Bugg, & I
headed up to the famous Wheelchair Shop
at our beloved Shriner's hospital in the big city.

Bugg is sitting in a seating simulator.
This is a pretty cool chair!
The shop guys measured every which way
to make sure Wyatt got his wheelchair to
the exact right measurements.

I was quite intrigued with the process.
So thorough.
I love that our special guy
is so looked after and taken care of.

While the guys worked on his chair,
we took off and played......

We LOVE the playroom!
The stroller is on loan from the shop.

Even had a couple of races.
The kid in yellow joined us, too.

Is there nothing more comforting
than knowing that your child is, well,
I love it.

And of course, he was so deserving
of a very special trip to the bakery.
Namely, Gourmandise.

Kylee is one of the funnest people
I know!
She got to play hookie from school
to come with us :)

Chocolate raspberry cake
with incredible frosting - it was like fudge.
Plus a stop by a thrift store.
A couple more treasures acquired!
Another beautiful memory made
in the city
with my Buggy and sister.
Celebrating, baby.
It is good.


  1. Bugg I love the pics of you in the police car, sooooo cute. Looks like a fun day and so happy you got your chair grown to fit you just right.

  2. What great pictures. Sorry I couldn't meet you. The bakery looks so fun and yummy! See.... I knew why we were blogland friends. We adore the same treats. :)

  3. When did he get so big? :) Looks like you guys had a blast!

  4. I love when Emily's wheelchair gets grown for her. I love knowing that she is comfy. :) That seating simulator is neat, I've never seen one of those before. Bugg is adorable as always, but seeing him stand up? Awesome. He's getting so big!

  5. I love his facial expressions! He is just a gorgeous child. It's great that he's standing now!

  6. What a wonderful trip to the city, how far away from Salt lake do you live? Man Buggs is getting big, but thet picture of him in the police car was too cute.

  7. LOVE the pic of Bugg in the car!!! And my hubby and I love Gourmandise! Ever tried their raspberry tart? (to die for).


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