Monday, March 21

inviting you to celebrate a YELLOW weekend

sorry if you got this post twice!
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We just celebrated green.
And at Christmas we celebrate gold, green & red.
4th of July - r,w,b.
Labor Day - white.
Valentine's - pink 'n red.
Halloween - orange
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When does my favorite color get a turn?
Easter, yeah, kinda.
But it needs it's own special day.
How does one celebrate the color yellow, you ask?
Think sunshine, smiley faces, lemons,
warmth, happiness......
What makes you happy?
Gets you right in the sweet spot of your heart
and makes your soul do a jig?
Makes you want to shout,
"Hooray for today!"

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There's lots of ways we can celebrate.
Draw a sun on your kids' bathroom mirror,
bake a lemon cake,
pin a felt happy face to your shirt
and wear it all weekend,
read in the sunlight.

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Even more meaningful,
do something that will bring some yellow
to someone else.
Serving others never fails to bring
some sunshine to your soul, and theirs.
Send a letter to cheer up a friend.
Help a neighbor bring in the groceries.
Doorbell ditch some flowers.
Hold the door open for a stranger.
Donate some clothes or food.
Get creative.
This is going to be real fun.

image from Pinterest

And I think I need this to wear come Friday......
Found at 3ELove

image from, you guessed it, pinterest

Now go, plan, celebrate, and have fun!
I'm inviting you to join me
this Friday through Sunday eve
to celebrate the yellow moments of the weekend.
I hope you'll leave me a comment next Monday
and tell me how it went!


  1. love that t shirt, that is awesome

  2. I came across a quote about sunshine the other day and it made me think of you! It was perfect, but now I can't find it again for the life of me :( I'll keep looking, I know you'll love it! Maybe if we all work together with this project yellow, Mother Nature will hear us :)

  3. Count us in!!! LOVE yellow!!

  4. Count me IN! And do you care if I share this on kidz? Such a fun idea to infuse bright, cheeriness into peoples' lives!

  5. p.s. How fabulous is pinterest? LOVE the images you found! The street art makes me especially happy :)

  6. You will have a chance to share some sunshine with your Grandpa this week! You can brighten up anyone's day! xo

  7. Count me in! My name is Jaune (we just say it Johnny) and it means yellow in I'm all over it! I love your blog and check it many times a week. You have inspired me to be a more fun mom to my 5 kiddos. Keep on keepin' on Bree!

  8. Love the beach pick of Bugg! Too cute! And I'm all about celebrating yellow. When I think of yellow, I think of my mother (her favorite color)!
    Oh! And I'm A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D. to pinterest!


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