Tuesday, March 15

vacationing: part TWO.

Less than 2 weeks ago,
I all of the sudden said to Brian,
"Let's go to Disneyland this weekend!"
I mean, we'd been talking about it forever
and we just needed to nail a date.
We'd been there together in 2000
and it was awesome.
I wanted to experience it with kids this time.
Why not now?
He did not buy it.
Mr. & Mrs. Hunk in line
at the submarines

Then I said "how about next weekend?"
He bought it.
Okay, it took a bit more convincing
but only about a minute and a half.
When could we ever be so sporadic
and pull off a last minute trip like this?
Like, never.
I LOVE him!
I loved that this was a spontaneous trip
and that we decided to keep it a secret.
From everyone, even our kids.
So we started making plans.
And it all just flowed.
It was meant to be!

The morning of our trip,
I made Mickey Mouse pancakes.
Mia caught on and squuuueeeeeled!
Oh, it was so sweet.
So on to California!!!!!!
I was born & raised in Sacramento, CA.
I loved it.
We only moved to UT 5 years ago.
But we're never moving back.
This is home now.
However, it is really wonderful to visit.
Especially to visit our So. Cali family
and my BFF.
And especially go to Disneyland.
Most Especially when it is cold here (UT)
and spring there!

As in,
we were able to take a walk at dusk
and go to the park.
And it was just refreshing!

Next morning.......

Let me just say,
the whole special needs thing
freaking ROCKED at Disneyland!
(I hate the word "freaking" but it just fits.)
While researching accommodations for Bugg
prior to our trip,
I didn't find a whole lot of specifics on how
the wheelchair would work out with the rides
and how limited the rest of us would be.
But I took a ton of pictures and will do
a separate post all about
Special Needs at Disneyland!,
I made those Minnie clips!

Cousin Emma, Mia, London (BFF's daughter)

Okay, we are wearing my
favorite colors! Right on.

Meet BFF, Kierst:
my talented soul sister that I grew up with
who now lives in San Diego.
She got to bring her 2 kids
and spend time with us for part of the day.
I love her and miss her and
am appalled that we are not near each other.
She did a cute DL post, too!

Another confession: when we walked on to Main Street, I cried.

It was just such a splendid feeling to be there with my husband & children. I remember my own Disney days as being wonderfully magical and fun. This time, it wasn't about me and getting on the rides that I wanted (ha, okay, I had a little twinge to ride Matterhorn).

It was about watching my children, wide-eyed and smiling, running & rollin' everywhere with such enthusiasm and spirit. It was about creating memories. Being together. Leaving the world behind, you know?!!!? And we were just elated that Wyatt could be included in all of it!

Can you even believe that?!

Cousins Tristan & Emma, London, Mia & Brian

A lot of the rides,
Bugg could just wheel right on them.
I loved to hear his little squeals.
That is so Bugg.
Just a soft little happy squeal.
Other kid rides,
we could just transfer him from chair
to ride where he'd sit by us or on our lap.
No, he did not ride the roller coasters.
That would have put him in a very bad mood.

Here's a breakdown of Ella on
the Casey Jr. train:

Notices boy standing up.
Pushes him to sit down.

We all laugh
and so does she.

Then she gets embarrassed.
Even funnier.
The end.

Mama, Bugg & Ella
ride Dumbo

Amy Adams was in the Dumbo
in front of us!

waiting for the fireworks to begin,
sorting out Disney silly bands

with Uncle Shane
I spy Tinkerbell!

Bugg, all lit up from the fireworks,
slept through the whole show.

Our last ride of the day.
Mia & Dad went first.
We got the rider switch pass hook up
so then Mia & I went.
A total blast.
The day wasn't without its blunders.
this one throwing fits.
It must be hard to be one
and stuck in a stroller most of the day.
And I lost my voice that night.
It is sorta coming back,
4 days later!
Daddy "bad back" the Hunk paid in
serious pain
for all those rides and walking.
But it still was a day never to be forgotten.
Maybe my kids won't remember much.
Who knows how much Bugg got out of it.
But Brian & I will remember it forever.
That means the world and some.

**Special thanks to my husband
who is just the absolute best ever.
Shane & Michelle ~ for joining us
and helping to herd kids.
And Kierst, and her sis-in-law
for the ticket hook-ups!
And all the nice workers who were so nice to Bugg!!!!
man, I'm ready to go back.


  1. I'm so glad you guys had a great time! I love Disneyland!!! I hear you, I cried the whole time there too when we were there last year. So much better with kids. I love that picture of Bugg getting on the Buzz Lightyear ride. That is so awesome! Can't wait to hear all the details.

  2. What an awesome trip! Isn't it sad how we lose our spontaneity when kids enter the picture. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Your hair clips are sooo cute! Much cuter than mine. I am so glad you made some! Your photos are beautiful. Your trip looked so magical!

    Aubree from Yellow Blackbird

  4. I love it! Can I steal some of your pictures? I'm so glad we could be part of the magical adventure!

  5. SO JEALOUS! I'd love me some California sun right now. (it's snowing as I type) You are so brave and I LOVE it! It's not easy taking a spontaneous trip with three kids, especially one with special needs. Two thumbs up!!!

  6. I wonder if I can talk Nate into leaving tomorrow?

  7. Hi. New to your blog. will email you separately. Was surprised to see your list of Buggs findings matches my son's.
    Glad you had a fantastic trip.
    Looks fab and the piccies are really good!

  8. Great pictures looks like so much fun I really do have to take my kids to Disney soon.

  9. Love the Minnie clips! When we go (years from now!) I will have to remember that. And I so agree--Disney is fab with customer service, even for regular folks! My dad got special treatment just for it being his first trip there (He was 60!) Glad you had a fun trip!!

  10. Oh my gosh! It looks so much fun! I want to go right now :)

  11. Oh WHAT FUN!!! I keep trying to figure out how we can make that trip happen! What magical memories to treasure forever!!!!


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