Sunday, March 20

celebrating: GREEN

Happy Spring!
Not that it really seems like it yet.
It's been cold & windy & gray.
But it is on my calendar and I love Spring
and therefore,
we celebrate.
We woke up to flowers
and orange rolls.
I would have had some chirping
bluebirds flying whimsically
throughout the house,
ya' know.
That's psycho,
which I definitely am not.

A bit of green out front.
But how come mine are like,
2 inches,
and everybody else's are 6?!
Green thumb? Not me.

The beginnings of a green yard again.

1st spotted:

Is this for real?
The ladybug returns for his
3rd year March appearance.
This is just getting weird.
we loved St. Patrick's Day!

Am I the only one that stayed up
til midnite,
weaving a crepe paper rainbow
through my house,
smirking like a school girl
thinking about how much fun my
children would have the next morning
hunting for the gold at the end of it?
I know, I'm so obnoxious!

When Ella saw the rainbow,
she said,
Where did she learn that?
Breakfast was
rainbow pancakes & Lucky Charms.

Bugg's breakfast

The leprechauns gave us all
kisses during the night.
(Ha! I got them all tattooed.
Even the Hunk.
Nobody woke up.)

We gave Bugg a lucky visit
at preschool.

Do they not have the cutest
art projects?!

My friend & I did a class party
for Mia's class.
So fun.
Except that I still don't have
my complete voice back!
And that's tricky with a room full
of 1st graders!
Had a flashlight hunt that evening
looking for the 4 leaf clover.
It had a clue on it to find the treasure:
these cupcakes.

Just plain BLESSED really!


  1. I want to wake up to a rainbow in my house.

  2. Oh what a lucky day! (don't worry, my tulips are even shorter!! ) HAPPY SPRING!

  3. You are too fun! Glad you stopped by because it reminded us to get out the St. Pats tattoos for the littles!

  4. You have so much fun, Happy St. Pattys day


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