Thursday, March 24


The heavens were perfectly blue
& joyous yesterday
as we bid Grandma a
"til we meet again"

The family gathered together last night
and watched a sweet slide-show
of my grandma.
She loved being a wife, mother, & grandmother.
Tears flowed (for the millionth time that day)
as I was filled with gratitude
for my grandparents and their example
of an eternal marriage and family.
This beautiful & precious life is just a speck
of eternity.
I know families are forever.
And this knowledge is what eases the pain
of this sad time in our family right now.
Uncle Kelton & Grandpa
And then we karaoked.
We pretty much rocked the house.
Even sweet Grandpa joined in.

I hope you find sunshine & lots of yellow
moments during your weekend!


  1. The funeral was just as special and it was wonderful to reflect on the special lady grandma was.

  2. Hi I am a new follower to your blog and just started recently reading you and your families story. You have a beautiful heart and son.

    My daughter was diagnosed with Williams sYndrome a month ago, she is 3 now, after much searching and therapy. It is a new lifestyle for us that we are learning to let become our norm

  3. I read your linked post about your grandma. Got to the last line and was just overcome. Beautiful. I didn't have a relationship with either of my grandmas, I am so glad my children will have memories like yours.

  4. So sorry for your loss. Forever is a lucky thing!

  5. I will miss your Grandma dearly. I've seen many of your family slides, I can imagine how those tears must have flowed! I would have been a mess!!

  6. I am so thankful for forever. Thinking of you with tenderness.

  7. Your grandma was a special lady to so many. She touched so many lives young and old. I'm glad you got to celebrate her life with your family.

    I miss you.


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