Wednesday, March 2

A letter to March

Dear March,
I love you.
Which isn't saying a LOT,
because I love every month
(except January).
You bring so much hope.
Hope of warm sunshine-y days.
Not to mention St. Pat's Day,
(one of ) my fave holidays.
You will bring SPRING.
Blessed wonderful Spring.
On the morning of March 20,
we will wake up to find vases of pretty flowers
all throughout our whole house.
I know you will undoubtedly bring more snow
and cold and dark days, too.
That's ok. I understand.
All the more brighter the warm, shiney days will be
when they do actually arrive.
Loves, xoxoxox, Bree

March came in just beautifully.
Sun shone, skies so blue,
almost warm weather even!
It was good to be comfy on the familiar
front steps again.
Neighbors came out of hibernation,
we ate Edamame,
the park was abuzz with kids,
and the Hunk washed his car.

Pre-spring is awesome.


  1. Yeah, I have been waiting for a Bugg update all week :)

  2. Your posts always make me smile. I anticipate them with eagerness and leap on each post with a click of my finger and joy in my heart. I chuckled at your "(except January)" comment *nods head* me, too. Adorable post, super adorable kids and just what I needed to put a spring in my step and outlook.


  3. I love the close-up of Wyatt's face. Such a beautiful boy.

  4. We have FIVE FEET OF SNOW IN OUR YARD STILL! I'm so jealous of your bare ground. :) C'mon spring....


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