Tuesday, March 15

vacationing: part ONE.

This is what I believe:
the vacation begins as soon
as you leave the house.
Which for us meant once
we hopped in the mini.
It was going to be a loooong drive
(about 1600 mi. all together!!)
so we better make the most of it, right?
I, of course, had hopes of a
happy family driving on an adventure
playing the 'abc game', telling stories,
discovering new terrain through our windows
while munching on treats, etc.
Well, that all worked for an hour.
Thank heavens for a dvd player, no?

They did reeeeaaally well.
Bugg was perfect, like always.
Mia did the whine-y thing a couple times.
Ella was.....pretty good.
There was a LOT of snacking.
But golly, how I love travel food!

But I do not love the fast food gig.
And that was one of the trickiest parts of the trip.
Finding stuff Bugg could eat.
I could only pack so much yogurt, applesauce, etc.
He needed substance.
The chili was super spicy hot at Carl's.
He can't exactly chow down a burger or taco.
Bugg doesn't dig baby food.
I found these refrigerated pasta meals at the grocery store
which we just heated up at the gas station.
giving me a raspberry
in Carl's Jr.

The jump rope was a gift Mia got
to open at a certain destination of the trip.
Turned out to be a fab toy
during pit stops.
driving in to LV
I've never been to Vegas.
We stopped there once at a gas station
in the middle of the night.
Doesn't count.
This time,
we stayed with Uncle Kal and family
for a night.
Still didn't see much of Vegas,
but our stay was so sweet and we
ate delicious waffles and visited.
I love this family so much.

Hunk drives through mundane
part of AZ, NV, UT....can't remember which

Now we're home.
And happy.
And I know you're mad at me
because I didn't post actual trip photos!
Notice the title?


  1. that is awesome. Next time for Mia try silly puddy, and dollar store things that you pull out one every hours. Make them all surprises so they dont know. Also kids books on CD from the Library works wonders too. I can't wait to read more and see more pictures.

  2. I just added more pictures to this post, fyi, if you originally got it in google reader.

    ~ Bree

  3. What a fun trip. I'm so glad you guys were able to go. Let me guess.... Was that Carl Jr's near Fillmore, Utah? We've been there a time or two on our way to Cali. Can't wait to see the rest of the trip.

  4. Looks like a great beginning! YAY!

  5. For me too, vacations start the moment we're in the car! :)

  6. Your trip already looks like it was a blast


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