Monday, August 29

so, we went camping............

........and it was so fun!
And a lot of work.
And ultra worth it!
I love camping.
Especially with good friends.
6 adults, 7 kids, 1 wheelchair.

Bugg did okay.
It was certainly not easy to bring him
& the hot wheels along.
There was lots of rocks & dirt,
hills & holes.
And no place for him to stretch out
& scootch along the floor like he loves.
Plus, he is the earliest riser.
And you know how quiet it gets while camping
during the early morning hours.

At home, when he wakes up between 5 & 6,
we just put on some music for him
and let him babble away in his bed.
But out in the wilderness?
Where everyone hears every thing within a mile?
I just shrugged my shoulders,
grabbed my camera,
and got up with him.

Thanks, Bugg.
Because of you,
I thoroughly loved watching the sun rise,
was awed by the beauty of the earth,
and enjoyed being with just you.

And then the sounds come from others:
a sleeping bag rustles,
littles wake up and chitter chatter,
the stomping on the way to the outhouse,
chopping firewood,
bacon sizzling,
pancakes flipping,
hot chocolate pouring.....
you know you're dying to go camping now!

The Hunk makes toast.

These cups are genius.

And just as we were leaving
for home,
the sky turned.
Thank you, sky, for waiting.

I could go for some S'mores
right about now.
Sandwiched between some cookies
with fudge on them.
My word.


  1. Those smores look yummy! And bugg's so cute sitting in the tent!

  2. O my Goodness, I am thrilled you went camping. That is awesome. I bet it was hard but worth going. If you ever go again email me before hand, have some helpful hints on cooking. So thrilled. Beautiful pictures.

  3. The scenery is the best part of camping. Now if I could just figure out how to avoid the dirt!

  4. That's an AWESOME group of people to go camping with. What fun!!! <3

  5. Listen for the sound of jealousy with each key stroke as I type this!


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