Saturday, August 13

at the stream

Each day seems to be a clear slate,
just waiting for some type of adventure
to create.
Especially with some little friends.
I took my kids plus 2 of Mia's friends
to the stream to create some sweet summer memories.

Sometimes I get over-adventurous.
Too many variables to deal with.
Like kids + gear + picnic + wheelchair + camera + tricky terrain.
But you know?
It is {almost} always worth it!
This was one of those moments.
Floating notes to each other down the stream!
Sounds so adorably fun, right?
And it is so cute to watch their amusement
as the notes come floating down.......

"Once upon a time there was a bug. A ladybug. She did not have spots. The end."


A message from me.

Chocolate Zucchini ~ soooooooooo good!

And even if they don't remember this
little adventure of the summer before 2nd grade,
I will.
I love these memories.


  1. You're always doing such fun things, you must have endless energy. I'm so impressed that you're willing to do so much even when it means wrangling so many car seats, bags, chairs and stuff!

    Where is this glorious stream?

  2. Yes, where is that lovely stream? We have a lovely stream near us but it's not really conducive to wading in. A little too deep and fast. That was a lovely looking stream.

    I wish Katie was easy to bring along on little adventures. She has turned into quite the little grump. She no longer want to be in her stroller, but I can't let her crawl around everywhere. And she HATES being splashed by water and the sound of water, so taking her to the oven or a stream is out of the question. And the pool is more torture than fun. But we keep trying in the hopes that she will outgrow this aversion!

  3. so what is the recipe for those cupcakes?


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