Wednesday, August 24

back to school

So I have this perfect vision
in my mind of back-to-school preparations:
I will take each of my children
on a mama-kid date.
We will go out to lunch
and skip around the aisles of the store
looking for that perfect first day back to school outfit.
And then we'll find some fun backpack stuffers
like markers, folders, & a lunch box.
Ah, my vision.

And then when that day did come
for a mama-Mia date,
she didn't want me to bring my camera!
"I just want to spend time with you."
That girl just taught me somethin' right there, she did!
We did go out to lunch,
we did go shopping,
we did have a great time!
But no pics :(
That's okay,
I was able to snag some on an earlier expedition.

I was alone with my 3 one night.
We up & decided to go see the Falls.
The ambition comes & goes and tonight was the night.
Packed up & started driving.....
right into one of the biggest summer
rainstorms of the season!
So we detoured and ended up at the mall.
I'm a die-hard 2nd-hand shopper.
LOVE thrift stores and consignment.
The mall isn't something I'd typically shop at.
But during violent weather?
It works.

And The Children's Place had darling
backpacks for twelve bucks.
Could one refuse?

My youngest is absolutely hilarious.
Sooooo funny.
And not shy at all.
She waved to everybody.
"Hi, people."
Strangers get a good chuckle from her.
Unless they're the ones that aren't humored
by such tiny social humans
and simply keep on walking.
The nerve!

What is better than a truffle
at See's?
The rootbeer or chocolate suckers.
No, really.
I know, you don't believe me.

Here is why this picture
is so awesome & funny:
I do the same thing!
I push the button with my knuckles.
No finger-tip germs, see?
Ella is so observant.

It was crazy. Craaaaazy maneuvering them around the mall!
But alas, I look back at these pics and think, "eh, no big!"
ah, the fun to be had at the mall.
But that is not what this post is about.
It is about Back to School............

One of the best holidays of the year.
Sending those children back to school,
out of the house,
leaving some peace & quiet in the wake.
This coming from the lady that
was positive I'd be homeschooling.
I love the idea.
I gush over those that do it.
I still want to do it someday.
But heck no, not today.
It must have been a long summer,
listen to me complaining.
So the night before,
I made chocolate cake,
Brian gave blessings,
we had a fashion show,
and the Magic Schoolbus came......

an idea from my friend, Kristi.
Doorbell ditched giant paper lunch bag
filled with back-to-school goodies like glue sticks, notebooks, a sippy cup for Wyatt:)

That first morning was hustle & bustle.
Making "K" & "2" pancakes,
gelling curls to crispest perfection,
coaching Mia to "wear this ribbon?"
or "Maybe these matching earrings instead?"
(nope, she does things her way)

After dropping Mia & Bugg off,
I decided to slow down & devote
more of me to Ella Rose.

And so we did puzzles and
played baby dolls.
Folded laundry and ate a picnic on the lawn.
Not much different than the other days.
But I know that this time alone with her
is going to be verrrrry special.

Mia Darling ~ 7 months
I remember my days with Mia.
Just she & I going to the park,
meeting up with friends,
visiting the zoo.
Those memories are so sweet.
I want to make the most of this year with my Sweet'ems.

Play with her,
watch her play,
notice all the little things
that I wouldn't normally.
She is so tender with her little babies!
"Ssh's" them, tucks them in,
colors on their heads..........

We even visited a museum today.

Stomped around in the garden
and picked like, 1000 tomatoes.

No broccoli bounty.
Broccoli is bogus this year.

Had corn, salsa, & tacos that night.
I have Brazilian neighbors
that taught me to make salsa & corn tortillas!!
Yes, sir!
(nobody told me to use gloves when cutting jalepenos!)

After school:
"How was your first day?"
This was her response - a giddy look.
Just to clarify:
That is not neck-strangling but a really
joyful pose.

My favorite:
Cookies N Milk on the porch,
talking about the first day,
going through back packs,
I love it.
the Pinaqua - a total blast!
There's still a lot of summer left.
We've got a camping adventure this weekend
with our friends.
Family is in town tomorrow.
My sister is due with baby Hudson next week.
And it is reaeeeaaaallly hot outside!

I learned the "vivid" setting
on the camera - woah!

Happy Summer-ing!


  1. Wow! Nice mega-post, Breeze. I love the pics and your unique way of telling a story.

    Love you!

  2. You are exactly the kind of mom I want to be when I 'grow up' :)
    Love to you all.

  3. Love your blog, you have a beautiful family and a beautiful heart.
    and you look GORGEOUS!!!!

  4. Oh I loved this post! So much fun to see your recent adventure-ings!

  5. Adorable pictures. You. Are. Amazing. Seriously! I love you:) -Aunt Ky

  6. You have the cutest family!!


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