Sunday, August 21

making a day of it

This special life sure offers us
a lot of special opportunities.
One of them is to regularly visit
Shriner's Hospital
in Salt Lake City.
I LOVE Shriner's.
I LOVE the city.
And I love taking Bugg there
to get such great attention
to his special needs.

My favorite littlest sister, Kylee,
got to join all 4 of us.
(THANK YOU! I would have lost my head
without your help!).

Bugg had his standard x-rays
taken to look at his
positioning and spine curvature.

Because of his low muscle tone,
he leans to the side.
Even in his chair with the lateral supports,
I can see that slight shift
and it always bothers me.
Especially as he gets taller & heavier.

But good ol' Dr. Carroll,
she had great news for us.
His curve went from 36 percent to 33!!!

That's my Bugg!!!!!!
Apparently, that last wheelchair adjustment
made a big difference.

He also has outgrown his braces.
So Bugg is without them for a couple
weeks while we wait
for the new pair to come.
And what of his old ones?
The braces & special orthopaedic shoes
will be shipped to Mexico
to share with a special one in need.
So sweet!

We can't go to Shriner's
without playing upstairs.
It is a magical MUST.

And then a classic picnic...........

I couldn't help it.
We had chocolate chip pumpkin bread!
Who's a bit anxious for Autumn?!!!

off to adventuring..........

The Gateway's Olympic Legacy Plaza.
It has been on our summer list
since this sighting with my friend.
I just knew the kids would love it.

Love it, they did.
It was awesome.
Every 1/2 hour or so,
the loud speakers play a patriotic song
and the waters do this synchronized dance.
It is really beautiful.
Sure, it was a lot of work
hauling gear & kids in the heat.
But truly worth it.
Especially when one of my favorite cookie
stores is just down the way............

Kodiak Cakes!
I love them.
And if you see their flapjack & brownie products
in the grocery store,
you should try them.
Delicious, delicious, healthy-ish, delicious!
I know & adore the founders! :)
(My mission president & his wife).

Tomorrow is the first day of school!!!!
And dear me,
it looks as though Bugg is going
to make quite the first impression
with his nerd glasses.
Aren't they awesome?
They broke tonight.
Just great.
But doesn't he sport the look like a stud muffin?
I have loved your comments & sweet messages
from the last post!
Thank you so much,
you dear, kind friends.
Have you commented yet for the giveaway?
c'MON! You don't have to be a bracelet lover,
just pass it on to someone else!


  1. Have you tried the flexi frames for Bugg? We have them for Katie and I loooooove them. You can twist them in half and they don't break. She is a naughty little stinker and likes to pull them off and throw them. We were getting them adjust and fixed sometimes 2 or 3 times a week, and now they rarely need to be adjusted. So glad I decided to splurge and get them for her.

  2. Taylor's sisteris the voice on one of those patriotic songs! I can't remember which one now, though. Maybe the national anthem?


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