Monday, August 8

Under the Seven Seas birthday party

So she wanted a water party.
I talked her into an Under the Sea party.
And because Mia was turning 7,
I threw that in, too.

brown paper bags w/ paint
The seven seas were
seven different birthday stations:
activities & food 'n stuff!

For those close enough to hand deliver,
we wrote out the invitations
on crumpled brown bags
and stuck it in a bottle.

Red x's marked all the details
of the party.

blue, light blue, & white streamers
hung for the waves.
And ocean bubbles on the floor.

Family Fun's Sandcastle Cake
The cake was a stunner!
Especially with the chocolate pebbles
and sugar seashells.

Pineapple Icerberg
I wrote their names on the little umbrellas.

Hotdogs cut like octopi served over
green-colored ramen noodles!


Pin-the-fin-on-the-fish, basically.
They all "closed their eyes" at once
and did a mass pinning.

Down in the basement,
the bottom of the ocean floor
lit by twinkly lights......

the girls played an Under the Sea Bingo.
(made by my neighbor, woah, so cute!)

There was a bunch of Dollar Tree
seashells hidden in the sand.

a Treasure Hunt
to find the buried treasure

There's that brown paper bag again!
Tore the edges and burned some holes.
So authentic, right?

There were 7 red x's which led to
more brown paper scrolls.
Each scroll had a symbol or letter.
After collecting all 7,
they had to unscramble the word
which was a clue to where the treasure was buried.
Sorry, no pic.
Have you tried running after treasure-crazed little girls?
Yikes! Look out.

The word was sunflowers
which happened to open just in time.

chocolate gold coins, tattoos,
ocean bubbles, shells, & silly bands

Mia's Mermaid Lagoon

By the way,
Bugg was a champ during the chaos.
Happy to watch from the porch.

We decorated flip flops.

And naturally,
the water balloons.
A must.

As we crawled into bed that night,
Mia said,
"I don't want my birthday to end."
I love her.


  1. What a fun and amazing party! The ideas just kept coming and coming!!


  2. Very cool! You are a fantastic mom! And those three angels are just adorable!

  3. No kidding, who would want a birthday like that to end?!

  4. What a delightful day! Happy birthday sweet girl!

  5. wow, that looks like one fun party! great ideas!!!!

  6. Wow... soooooo fun!!! You should be a party planner or something! You may be getting a call from me the next time I need to plan a party :)

  7. That is the most FUN party I have seen in a long time!!! You are so incredibly creative!

  8. Will you plan MY next birthday party?!?! Everything was so cool! I am still in awe of the sandcastle cake & hot dogs! Super cool!!

  9. That is one outrageous-fantastic birthday party! Wow!

    My favorite part:

    As we crawled into bed that night,
    Mia said,
    "I don't want my birthday to end."

  10. o my goodness, that is incrediable. so creative in so many ways. how do you do it girl. That is a birthday mia will always remember.

  11. Happy Birthday Mia.
    Love all the wonderful and creative things you did for her birthday.


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