Tuesday, August 23

Bugg goes to Kindergarten

Bugg has had 2 terrific days
back to school.
We have had such happy & sweet reports
of how he is doing & who he plays with
& how everybody just loves his hair.

His new teacher even emailed me
a video of him today,
sandwiched between 2 special chicas,
all babbling & singing to each other on a mat.
She said that he was falling asleep
during lunch,
so they laid him down with his gal friends,
and he woke right up!
What a stud!

He did sport the nerd glasses.
Wyskii can totally pull it off, though,
don't you think?
The man is a trend-setter.

The night before school,
Bugg got a special Father's Blessing
from his Dada.

The traditional
from 2009, & 2010
I always like to take my kids
to school on their first day
instead of seeing them off on the bus.
It's like tucking them in at night.
Just to make sure they're snug & safe.
I had no worries leaving Wyatt
with his new teacher.
She rocks, the school rocks, Bugg rocks.
LIFE just plain rocks!

But today, we did the bus thing.

It was like old hat to him.
Ain't no thang, peeps.
BTW, his glasses are so broken now,
they barely stay on his face.
Hence, no specs today.

Do you spy a cute lil' head of curly hair?

He is really happy to be
in school again.
I think he missed it, got bored,
needed more attention.
Oh, that Bugg.
I bet you blog stalkers are smiling right now.
That face, those curls, that grin!
My Kindergartner.


  1. sounds like a great start to a wonderful school year! bugg is a sunshine boy...:) hope the glasses and new leg braces are ready soon!

  2. He's a doll. I love the pic of him & your husband.

  3. Totally smiling :)
    What a happy little man! So glad he is loving school!!!

  4. This post just made my day! He is such a little inspiration as is your family!

    Brandy Nelson

    (blogger won't let me post except for anonymous lately...annoying)

  5. I love your blog!! Your boy is so cute!!!

  6. what a sweet little boy..so precious!!!
    what do you use in his hair to make it so curly? mine has curly blond hair, but i put baby magic in it in the morning to make it even curlier!


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