Monday, August 8


Our darling Mia turned 7!
And, of course, Ella had to wear her b-day crown, too.

She wanted green eggs & ham for breakfast.
Ummm, k.
It's your day, babe!

Birthdays drive me wild.
As in happy-go-freaky-giddy WILD!
But you know this.
Hunk & I were up waaaay past bedtime
prepping for Mia's first ever birthday party.
It was a blast & so worth
every wink of sleep we missed.

Ella got her this cheap $ Tree
inflatable flamingo.
She ran around on it
slapping its flank
that she so sweetly called "bum."

There's a sneaky peaky.........
more soon!

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  1. That party is AWESOMENESS!!! Amazing! Loved everything about it :)


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