Monday, August 15

out front

spying on every move that everybody makes

ate all except one

that wee puddle? Hers!

Bugg loves to feel his hair

Best kids magazine ever!

Tried to watch the meteor shower
on Friday night.
That lovely, huge (danged) full moon!
It was too bright to see
even a snitch of shooting stars!
Did you?


  1. Your pictures are stunning! You must be giddy every time you load them onto your computer and see the amazing shots you got!

  2. Agreed! I love Bree's pictures. She has a real talent for photography! I especially love the one with Mia splashing on the Slip-n-slide.

    Love you Breeze!

  3. Goggles on the slip 'n slide? Totally something London would do.

  4. love the pictures, even that bee with the water slide, that was awesome. I let Olivia use our binoculars and she loves them. it is amazing the little things that entertain them. amy webb


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