Friday, November 12


I treasure them.
The whole family does.
Fridays are always the same:
Flapjacks for breakfast (Flapjack Fridays - yay!),
homemade pizza for dinner,
and a movie night in the basement.
But today had a twist.
Because last minute,
I decided to declare today as
Mia's Day.

I felt like she needed some extra attention
& celebrating
after this week full of, what seemed like to me,
straight up disciplining all the time.
She got to eat off the special red plate.
We decked the halls with her b-day banner
and she wore her b-day crown.
Even to school.

I sneaked a favorite cupcake into her lunchbox.
I kept wondering about it all day while she was at school.
I imagined her finding it and how excited she'd be
and maybe she'd think about how much her mama loves her.

Celebrating new lil' friends
over for a playdate.

School pictures.

Frump days.
Colder days mean less outings.
And therefore, less desire to freshen up.
But on the other hand....
....that can get old and boring.
So I
celebrate pin curls for absolutely no reason.

Sun & a baby's blonde wispy hair.

Red berries hot glued to the leaves.
These leaves curl so I hot glued them to cardstock.

Oh, don't be shocked now.

Kids' bathroom

ma + pa's bed

Nap time.
More specifically,
awakening from naps.

she actually says "eeeeeeese."

Impromptu tea party.
With the "good" (garage sale find)
tea dishes.

Soft ginger cookies were perfect to pair with our tea.

Which, by the way, the tea was n a s t y.
Apple Cinnamon Spice.
So deceiving.
It tasted worse than Theraflu.
Good thing we had cookies.

Post Halloween fun.

or not.
Oh, well.
Happy Weekend to you all!
Find something to celebrate!


  1. Oh man, you left us hanging. What did Mia think of the cupcake?

  2. Oh, she LOVED it. I didn't even have to ask her, it's the first thing she told me.

  3. Bree I think you should win the mommy of the year award...but shh...don't tell my mama :)

  4. You had me laughing out loud at the nasty untasty tea comment that taste like Theraflu.
    That is some nasty tasting stuff, *nods*

    I thought it was so adorably cute that the kids had a tea party with REAL tea. I only remember the pretend tea parties.

    From Mia's cupcake surprise to Ella's after nap pics and everything in between, I love your blog!

  5. Don't bother with the cinnamon orange tea, either. Just as nasty! My current favorites are peppermint, vanilla sleepytime, and honey vanilla chamomile. The last two would be good ones for little girl tea parties.

    My girls loves real tea parties with sugar cubes! You can get them at most grocery stores. Makes them feel fancy. :)

    Your pictures are so great. What blog did you use to learn how to use your camera?

  6. I'm so impressed that Mia is confident enough to wear a crown to school!!

  7. How funny that the tea tasted worse than Theraflu!

    I love it that you made it "Mia Day", what a sweet thing for you to do. I love sneaking surprise treats into Whitney's lunch, but now that I'm working Randy makes her lunches.

  8. Oh so many things worth celebrating! LOVE IT!

  9. So fun to read Bree! Love all the images. You are amazing in so many ways! We're doing well : ) Still waiting to hear when we're moving, but Mike got his airline pilot job back after 2 years of being laid off from that. Yay!! How are YOU guys?


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