Monday, November 8

the King's quarters

Have you ever tried carrying
around a 35 lb sack o' flour?
It gets to your back, doesn't it?
Well, try leaning down and picking it up
over and over.
Yow, the pain!
We really needed a solution for Bugg's bed.
Something safe for him, but high enough to be gentle
on our backs as we lifted him in and out.

And this is the nifty contraption!
Made from ...............this Ikea bed,which used to look like this.
Grandpa & Dada sawed off the bottom bunk,
keeping the length of the legs of the top bunk.
The bottom bunk then became Mia's bed.

To hide all that space,
my ma rigged up this curtain
that matches his hot rod bedroom.

Velcro tabs make it easy to take on/off.

This space is just awesome for hiding clutter
in his cozy bedroom.
Or playing hide 'n seek,
having tea parties, or
having at it with green paint (ahem, Mia).

This bed was perfectly timed & gifted to us
a couple of years ago
from cousin Tristan.
Bugg really loves it
and so do our backs.
The bed is just the perfect height for
me & the Hunk to tuck in our sweet boy,
nuzzle noses, whisper secrets in his ear,
and kiss his angel cheeks.


  1. Yes, I feel your pain! I have to bend down and lift a 31 pound baby out of a crib multiple times a day, although he's usually standing up by the time I get him, which I'm sure is not the case for you. But I tell you, when he's not, it's not fun. The bed looks fabulous! I love the curtain. What a great idea!

  2. The bed is great! We haven't dared to take Katie out of the crib yet, but at 40 pounds, her days in the crib are limited. I'm just not sure how we're going to keep doing it. Getting her out of the bath is almost impossible for me. I love his bed, very ingenious!

  3. No way! That's awesome. I need to remember this one. How perfect. In fact, I'm thinking that's even perfect for any kid! Look at that amazing space underneath. I just may do that for Callie one day. Thanks for your genius, yet again:)

  4. Okay your family should write a book with all your cool ideas :) love it

  5. What a fabulous idea! I love it!

  6. Brilliant idea! It's inspiring to see a good solution like this.


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